New addition - well happy

Hi All

A while ago i purchased a red mk1 and was on here saying how much i loved it although it was a lemon but i was going to see it through to the end blah blah :slightly_smiling: Well i didn’t and after some soul searching i decided that i still felt i needed to have a GTO in my life so i bought another one.

Not to tempt fate but its sooooo much more fun and reliable with much less problems than the first i bought.
Mostly orignal, ESC works, aero spoilers work front and back, all electrics work even all the illumination bulbs still light up. Gear box is a little knotchy but much smoother. Shame she doesnt have leather but i’m sure i’ll get that sorted when the time comes. Even has the active exhaust still on which i believe is stuck on the louder setting as this is the only switch broken.

The only niggle that gets me is it has a simular symptom as the previous one in which on start up it idles poorly and seems to missfire. It only happens occasionally and never first thing in the morning. Makes me think its heat related, anyway i don’t beleive its spark plugs,leads, maf, or ecu as i has these all changed and checked on the old one and it never cured, Maybe the PTU? i don’t actually know what its for :blush: but i think i read on here it may cause this issue? after the car has run a bit everthing is fine no affect to performance what so ever and the iding settles. Any advice would be great.

Anyway i will definetly try to get to meets this year as i now have a car which will get there in one piece, happy days. Great to have a GTO that doesnt make me cry, god i love these machines.:+1:


Welcome to the Club fella, and from what I can see, that’s a nice looking car you have there. You sound as though you’ve done your homework on the various achilles heels of these cars, and there are plenty of them I can assure you. However, all are fixable. Reading your post, I wonder whether your Idle Control Valve - known as the ISC or Stepper Motor,- might be playing up. It won’t be the cause of a misfire though, it’s really only involved with the engine idle speed. These devices can develop faults which cause real idling problems. Give the engine a decent (long) run out and see how the idling responds after it’s outing. Mine sometimes idles poorly, but only after I haven’t run it for a while, and after a decent run it settles to a sready 750 rpm.
As you’ve checked most of the other possible culprits for the misfire, I’d then take a more detailed look at the ignition amplifier (PTU) - strangely a very popular subject on the Forum at the moment. One of us on here may have a link on how to check the PTU. There used to be a fella known as Alangto on this forum who had a brilliant diagnostic check list for ignition problems, but I haven’t heard from him for yonks. Good luck with the car, and enjoy yourself.


@dodgemonkey Thanks mate. I forgot to say i did also change the ISC on the old vehicle but thats not to say i shouldn’t check it on this one, other wise i’ll start on the PTU. I do think she needs a good blast as she was sorn for 4/5 months previously and i’ve only really been doing short town trips.

nice clean looking car you have there. have you checked the motor for the active exhaust mine still had the original exhaust on and i found that the valve was seized in the exhaust and it had snapped the cable at the motor might be worth checking that first than paying out for a switch :slightly_smiling:


Nice colour is it a pearl white looks it?
Welcome to the club again hope this one brings you more luck sounds like it will.:+1:

Oh! I thought it was silver :wink: and welcome to the best club in the land!!!

Terry :sunglasses:

Welcome, take a couple of good pictures and enter the comp.


Welcome back. So hope you have more luck with this one!
Occasion miss fire could be the coil pack?

I’m doubting my eyes now and zooming in… is it ? Is it my age ? I thought my car was pink maybe it is my eyes…:grinning:

@markie1978 thanks for the advice, i’ll check that out. I still want a switch anyway as mine has no front to it and i’m a bit ocd , must have all buttons working and lighting or my universe will end :laughing:

@DavePerky yes pearl, needs a few touch ups here and there but generally a clean chassis.

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thanks for re-welcome guys:+1:

@Butler thiought it could be but i get no trouble under load? can this rule coil packs out?

Hey welcome back, NOW stay.

She looks a beauty :slightly_smiling:

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@stevie cheers i intend to :slightly_smiling:

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I love these cars in white, you will have to bring this one of the GTOUK meets :slight_smile:


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@NAS cheers Neil, will do mate, i managed to get to Beaulieu last year (although i was in a supra), i remember your purple beast looking awsome, even remember a little kid walking past commenting it looked like a transformer :smile:


Brilliant that’s funny.