New club in the north east

i have been involved with a club down in the newcastle area for a couple of years and been going to meets down there japtuner.but reciently the site has been down and one of my mates has started a new website .he will be organising a meeting place for japcar owners down in the newcastle area and has been involved in the jap car culture for a good few years now and knows alot of folk. would be good to have at least another area that can hold meets every month and is only a few hours south. give it a look good to meet up with people south of the border and into the same cars as us


Scoob, is this website up and running yet :?: Tried a search and had no results, we could possibly get 3 GTO’s to a meet if it’s been organised.

is that whats advetised in back of the pearl gto??
hey where the heck is my nautilus horn?? cant find it