New Design GTOUK T Shirts

I have been working on a supply of new T Shirts.

These are absolutely unique to GTOUK, no other club anywhere has this type. They are Sports polos with the material the same as American Football/Ice Hockey shirts so very durable and have the ability to breath in Summer and also allow for trapped warmth in the Winter.

As you can see from the design below we are able to have sponsors logos. The strap line along the bottom front and rear is a list of the major events GTOUK has a presence at.

I feel that this type of shirt and design appeals to all age groups within GTOUK.

I am trying to get these sorted for the AGM and hopefully we will have a pre order in the club shop. If you are not attending the AGM and still would like a New GTOUK T Shirt again these will be available in the club shop with the postage and packaging price.

Save yourselves the postage guys and pick them up at the AGM. :smile:

Cost of these amazing club shirts is £20 “you can’t get better than that” says Mr Parkinson. :slight_smile:

Having different coloured shirts in the past hasn’t worked for me and this design and colour unifies us as one.



Ill have one, looks awesome good job Stevie :smile:


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Ill have 2 Steve… Guessing size small (jem) and medium (me)

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Have 2 Ex Lge please.


Am I in the list Steve?


Yes mate.


T Shirt requests

Stevie x 2
Nas x 1
Butler x 2
Spiros x 1
Dave25 x 2
3000GT x 1
CDMH x 1

Please copy and paste to add your forum name and quantity.


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@DeanMarkTaylor is the Tshirt image still visible? I can’t see it any more its bit loading up

If you are talking about the picture uploaded by @stevie in the first post in this topic - it looks fine to me.

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And the size also ?

Yep got that too buddy


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