New Evil Empire Website

I have updated the old website with new look and now on solid state hard drives in the hosting servers, so now it is mega fast to load.

Have a look and let me know what you think !

I will be adding loads of new goodies for you to desire over the next few months as i strive to keep these old girls on the road

Regards Rob

PS this has caused me to have sleepless nights since the 19th December and destroyed my life !!


seems to be an issue with my imported shopping cart

i’m liking the prices thou :joy: :joy: :joy:



Is fast and easy enough to find things, but the blue headers and the black writing on dark grey is a bit tiring Rob, for me anyway !

Bet that will soon change Mark :joy::joy:


I like this deal…seems like great value…



Still a few things that need fixing it seems…:pensive:

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Cheers for the head up James

Now fixed and reduced !!

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Its not supposed to be like that at all thats a graphics issue i am trying to fix now i have the main site working

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I noticed this a few weeks back Rob as I came for my post-Christmas browse. Looks much better and the loading does seem to be substantially faster and more reliable.

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Excellent. Glad it’s up and running properly now.
I will complete my order next week. Just need to figure out which turbos to go for.

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In your blue header bar and in “categories”, you’ve misspelled “Clearance”.

Sorry to point it out, but it’s been bugging me for a while! I know…I’m a very sad man! Lol



If you guy’s see any thing that needs fixing ,let me know and i can then fix it…:sunglasses:

Who are You talking to ? :joy:

So much better now :+1: