New Full member selling 1996 3000GT (SOLD)


I have just signed up a new member, his name is Edwin Peat.

Unfortunately being 78 years old, he is not savvy with PC’s or how to use the forum, so I said that I would help deal with the sale.

A little about this car.

I have known this car since he bought it from new for his wife. Until 2 years ago it was always serviced at Mitsubishi. As his wife got older and found more difficult to drive, it was laid up in his is garage for the lat 2 years.

He decided to let this go and has just put a full mot on, it needed a new exhaust.

I took the car for a test drive today and can say it is solid and tight. Everything works and sounds as it should with the exception of the air con. Something that he had an issue with many years ago.

Mileage is 96000

If of any interest to anyone please PM me and will give you more details and put you in touch with Edwin.

He is looking at £6.995 but sure he is open to negotiation.



Hi Guys,

Edwin just asked me to reduce the price to £6250 ono.

Contact me if any interest.



Poor bugga, he asked me to reduce this to


Deffo a real bargain at that



@EnglishJames this is the car :+1:


He needs to get it on ebay to be honest

I’m def interested but wouldn’t be in a position to buy it until summer


Wrong time of year to eBay it really, needs to be end of March/April to get the summer car buyers looking, if I didn’t have 2 already I’d get it myself lol


I’m saving for a wedding :sob:

Edit: that sounds bad! The wedding is a good thing, but missing this is not…


Lol, congrats on your wedding, I’ve already got a runner and a project and wouldn’t upgrade the runner without it being a Lamborghini haha, project is gonna cost me an arm and a leg too to get it right :joy:


Haha, thanks :grin:

My project was too far gone unfortunately. I’ll get another, but after June


Now Sold