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Hello guys

I recently purchased this GTO.
It’s a '96 N/A 4WD, apparently Japan import.
Anyone here knows it? I think it was black a few years ago.



My first question is about the timing belt.
When the engine is not running, it’s a bit loose (play of 8-10 mm). Should I replace it?
When running, the hydraulic tensioner should keep it straight, no?

Unfortunately the photos are private on Google


Timing belt wise at rest once the tensioner is relaxed it will feel a little slacker , however if there is any doubt as to when it was last changed then it would be best practice and advisable to have the full cambelt change done

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Thanks for the replies.

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Open them with chrome not google drive if on your phone 1st set work for me 2nd set dont ( lovely looking one there). Cant speak for pc as i generally use my handset.

As already said if in doubt get it done. It will save a lot of heartache if it hasnt and something goes wrong.

Welcome to the club. Theres a wealth of knowledge here so youve come to the right place

Maybe its working off the phone and not pcs. Just opened first set with chrome, google drive and internet.

I’ve uploaded the images directly editing the @marius_pascalau2002’s original post.

Welcome to the club. Again as everyone’s said… If in doubt get it all done :slight_smile:

Ok, I will do the belt then.

Now it has 225/40/18 front and 255/35/18 rear. Is this ok for NA engine?
Should I move to 225/45/17 all round? Will it make a difference in performance?

Ive got 265 on the rear of mine 245 on the front. (Tt) They are 18s. It came with 17s when i bought it but they were hanging.

No performance gains should be better levels of grip due to surface area ( bar in the snow) maybe a small trade off with fuel economy but if that mattered i guess we would all have a leaf as opposed to a gt.

I went with mine as thats what i liked the look of and i love the look of all that rubber from the rear of the car.

If you like your wheels stick with them. Not sure about your profiles being different though 45 and 35 someone else maybe able to comment further but i think it may be best to run the same profile all the way around ( its generally recommended 4wds have all 4 tyres changed at the same time to stop differing levels of wear upsetting the system) so not sure if the aspect ratio would upset this even though they are the same on each driven axel.

I guess general rule of thumb is if you like them and they fit clearing the caliper etc then people go with them.

When I say performance, I mean acceleration and grip :smile:
The rims are 8.5J front and 9.5J rear.
So my options are:

  1. get two 8.5J rims for the rear and 245/40 rubber all round
  2. get 4 wheels and tires on 225/45/17

You wont increase grip for the rear by going narrower. Why dont you look at getting tyres that are the same aspect ratio for the rear so same sizes but 40s all round for example. If you go smaller and narrower again then you will reduce grip again to all driven wheels.

Whats the main reason you want to change anything? Acceleration and grip?

You could get a decent set of matching tyres all round and save yourself some cash

Hi, Be careful when selecting different tyre sizes… If you are running the same size all round then all is well… Some folks like to run wider rears, but imo with 4wd this seems pointless. As long as you keep the same rolling radius all round then you won’t have any troubles… If you are 225/40 front with 255/40 rears for example, the fact that they are the same profile rating is completely irrelevant… This is because the first number is obviously the width which is measured in cm whereas the 40 is the profile but isn’t cm… It is a percentage of the width therefore the rears are actually a taller tyre and will do less revolutions than the front putting straight on the 4wd system. My dd is I Nissan navara which has a 265/65/17, put that next to a 165/65/14 tyre and the side walls are nearly double the height… Imo same size all round works best…

Just checked my rears and they are 35s! Ive only ever replaced the fronts luckily or i could have fell into that trap

Used this as a comparison tool

Alot of sites have mentioned tolerances of wider tract wheels but as always opinions differ forum to forum on what that tolerance should be differing car makers supply wider wheels on 4wd motors and others dont.

Will be leaving mine as everything seems to be running well as it is and if its not broken…

If your concerned marius get them changed mate. If not use the cash on air filter or exhaust etc.

I think it’s better to use the exact same tires all round (for AWD cars).
Question is, 18" or 17"?
Since I don’t have a lot of HP, I guess it should make a difference.

Marius, your wheel/tyre set-up is fine, unless you don’t like the look of them. Based on your figs : 225/40/18 front, and 255/35/18 rear, there is hardly any difference in the Rolling Radius between them. As has already been mentioned, the front and rear wheels ought ideally to be rotating at the same rate, but there is some latitude of somewhere in the region of 4% difference in rolling rate. Yours show less than 0.25%. When your speedo shows 70mph, your are actually doing 69.83mph, which is negligible. Too much deviation away from comparable Rolling Radiuses will cause gearbox viscous coupling unit damage.

Take a look at

Enjoy your car fella.


I think this is a good point. These GTO’s do seem forgiving when it comes to odd tyre sizes.
Some AWD cars will suffer catastrophic drive train failure if larger tyres are used on the rear but there seem to be lots of GTO’s running around quite happily with different sized tyres.


I like how the wheels look, but maybe they are too big.
Compared to a 2wd car (320d or vw golf), at low speeds, it feels heavy/slow, like you were braking very gently.
Do all AWD cars feel like that? Or is something wrong with these one? (like bearings, oil, etc)

How many of you have it on 17"? How does it look?

This is my current GTO. A Mk1 with Mk2 17" wheels

Tyres are 245 / 45 x 17


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