New gto owner and sky insurance

Id just like to say thanks to the club for recomending this company

Ive just got a GTO TT (import) and sky have done me proud, sub 500/year comprehensive and with mods.

Thank you all, and I will be joining soon :smiley:

thats good then! im 23 and 1000 with elephant… so might have to ring sky when ive finally got the thing back on the road :slight_smile:

im 21 and £1000 with sky :wink:

stav, it might be worth having a search for “elephant” in the insurance section, as there was a big thread on them about how they completely rob you if you crash.

I got quoted nearly a grand with SKY. My current insurer Noel Dazely wanted 790 FC as my 2nd car. So went with them.