New GTO owner, Blue 91

Hi all just thought I’d check in, new owner here after buying a 91 GTO 3.0 N/A auto in light blue. Lovely car, just needs a little TLC. Hoping to get some knowledge off this forum, and hopefully get the car sorted.



Welcome to the club mate

Hi mark. Welcome to the club. Where are you located ? And don’t forget photos :slight_smile:
Worth mentioning that we are having a big get together soon at the AGM (in the events section of the forum) pop along and say hi

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Hi and welcome , if it’s Fuji blue it’s my favourite colour :sunglasses: but I am biased

Craig :slight_smile:

Welcome along club is a great source of help the members are very knowledgeable…try not to chuck money at it all at once you will need some for fuel :blush:

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Only if he has such a big right boot as you Dave :joy: :joy:

Welcome along Mark, and as @Butler says, we need pics!!!

Terry :sunglasses:


Welcome to the club Mark.

Cheers for the warm welcome, I’m in Preston Lancashire, will get pictures on asap when can get them uploaded. I think it’s Fiji blue, it needs some work as its been stood for 6 months, mainly brake discs, rear brake pipes, and a few tyres, but the engine sounds fantastic so I’m very eager to get it roadworthy and MOT’d.


My lights are turned on I likey…must stop watching women’s sat Night TV

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Welcome to gtouk. That car looks very clean.


Don’t see many Fiji blue ones any more, to my knowledge (feel free to correct me you guys) I don’t think we have any in the club? Certainly none that attend regular meets? Would be good to get yours out and about! :slight_smile:

Very nice indeed, welcome to GTOUK. You have found the right place.


mines Fiji blue same spec mk1 n/a auto


Oops that’s twice I feel bad now in two days !!!


Lovely looking car. I’m a Danube blue fan myself but the Fuji blue is nice too. Welcome to the club. Everyone here is bat crap crazy! You will love it!


your half right though I’ve not been to any meets

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Welcome to the Forum BlueGTO91. Blimey, another lovely looking car. I’d better keep mine in the garage…
Anyway, AUTO…first thing is - if you haven’t already - read the Buyers Guide on here, and have a good look at ensuring your auto box is regularly maintained, i.e. oil replaced regularly, and ensure that the filter is cleaned or replaced.I believe Rob, at the Evil Empire, sells cooling kits for the auto boxes, he’ll be able to advise in any case. Over the 11 years I’ve known these cars, I’d gladly eat a hot dinner each time an auto owner has come onto the forum asking about what to do when his or her auto box has given up the ghost. Nine times out of ten it’s because it’s overheated.
Great car - enjoy it fella.



Thanks for all the positive comments and welcome advice, plans are to get the brakes sorted, tyres fitted and mot it, hopefully it won’t need too much and looking around and underneath its solid.
Great advice regarding the auto box, I intend to get the cam belt/ water pump done and will give the oils a change, but didn’t realise the majority of failures were down to cooling.

The revs tend to drop slightly when cold, but when warm it idles perfectly and if the throttle blipped holds fine. So will look into this, or is it normal?


The idling scenario sounds perfectly normal. If you have no history of a replaced cambelt, then you’re spot on with your plans to get it replaced. Rob of the Evil Empire can help you with the parts if you wish. Are you planning to do that work yourself?