New GTO owner Dorset

Morning chaps, we’ve had a GTO sat in the corner of our yard at work for just under 7 years now, its a K reg manual twin turbo with a full size sun roof. I felt sorry for it so got a fuel pump for it and got it running! Although it was short-lived. Will be looking to sign up as a fully paid member next month when the money comes in again!
I have a very long story of parts replaced, tests carried out and still not running.

Does anyone on here offer a reasonable ECU test / repair service as i know its a very common thing and i think ive narrowed it down to a faulty ECU now.
Thanks for any help
Im from Wimborne in Dorset.

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Hi mate, welcome to the club there’s an ecu doctor that most use although I don’t know the details I’m sure someone else has used them before.
Get some pics up hehe😎

Hi Matt welcome to GTOUK we use this guy Cheers

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Welcome to the club and hope you get the ecu and the car sorted.
Good luck

Thanks for the info guys. Just read thr website and they seem very reasonable so will get the ecu out and tested when i get a sec.

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Hi Matt,

Good luck with the ECU and do join up. From your picture the rear looks like a UK 3000GT MK1 so not the import GTO - do confirm this before sending to the ECU doctor as there may be differences.

I’m not that far from you over Salisbury way.

James :grinning:

I dont really know what it is but takes me less time to type gto haha.
It needs a whole lot of work but its in the right place. If i get it going and enjoy it ill sign up, if not ill burn it.

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Welcome matt im also a wimbourne dorset Gto owner :+1: