New gto owner from Dunbar


Hi my names Fraser I live in Dunbar Scotland & just got my first gto it’s not in great condition the paints faded the interior is a bit rough & the fans run all the time. But I’ve had 7 Ford probes still own 4 & a MG F so sorting the gto shouldn’t be that much of a problem .


Hi and welcome to GTOUK. You have passed the first tests anyway with an introduction and pictures :sunglasses:




Welcome aboard Fraser,

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@spiros this is one for you :slight_smile:



Welcome to the club mate
Jerry :grinning:


Hi Fraser
Welcome to GTOUK


Welcome to the group and congratulations on becoming a full member of this fun madhouse you’ll never go anywhere else now your a GTO owner :+1::+1::+1:


Hi Fraser and welcome! Great looking car, this is the place to be if you want to get it sorted!


Hi Fraser, welcome along, I see you’ve got the correct colour of car, (in my opinion anyway), good on yer, you must have read introductory posts before and thought ‘I’m going to do it right’. C’mon @spiros get him sorted.

Terry :sunglasses:


Welcome Fraser, car looking good there, soon you should be part of team Spiros, he has all the Scottish guys listed, good luck with your car.


Welcome along Fraser - another member for the Scottish crew. :grinning:



Welcome to GTOUK @frasercockburn , I’ve sent You a message :+1:


Thanks everyone for the nice welcome :+1:


Welcome as with all Gto’s. Read read and read the manual again, then post on the forum, realise you read it wrong and post again :slight_smile:️ No seriously welcome to ownership :slight_smile:


Welcome on board Fraser