New GTO owner, good quote or not?

Hello everybody, great forum you have here some really good peeps with even better advice. :smiley: I have jumped onto the GTO band wagon and am the proud owner of a red 92 GTO TT. here are my details.

age: 29
postal area: C
ncl: 8 years protected
No convictions or claims…yet.
Toad Ai606 Cat 1 closure alarm and imob
GPS tracker (not active)
Mrs added shes 30
No mods…(yet)

premium: £771.00 with sky insurance bloke called graham, top guy!

i think its good coz i used to own a Honda Prelude 2.0 SE 4WS and was paying £670!

this was the best quote i had.

anyways thats my input for the day!

keep up the good work.

I think he’s tried them :lol:


auto mode!

Hmm, that seams abit high from sky as mines the almost the same…


NCD: 4
Convictions: 4 month Ban, SP30 - 3 points
Alarm: CAT2
Postcode:B i think?
No Mods

GTO N/A Manual.

On the plus side you’re giving pretty good advice, Sky Insurance were my cheapest quote too. :smiley: Shame I can’t actually drive my car right now :cry:

I think it makes a reasonable difference having an NA though. R12PYD is on a TT.

true, prob if it wasnt for my ban id be looking about £550… :cry:

Mine came out at £835, but the supercharger made things a lot worse.