New gto owner london

Hi everyone

I’m new to the gto tt. Bought the car few months back with gone head gaskets replaced those then my bottom end went. Bummer

So it’s time for a engine rebuild.

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Hi and welcome to UK, a great bunch of people with the same desire for these cars. Yours looks nice, good luck with the engine rebuild. If you join you can get access to all the technical information and then some.

Onwards and upwards,

Terry :sunglasses:

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Welcome to the club , You can get lots of good advise here !

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Hi and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:


Craig :grinning:

Hey welcome along.
Don’t forget to join up as a full member as all the tech sections become avaliable and it’s invaluable for an engine rebuild :slight_smile:
Looks lovely… Those armoured cars! There is a story there… Do tell!! :slight_smile:

Welcome along…we are all here to help…nice looking car looks almost purple in the pic?
Good to have you on board 🖒
Dave :sunglasses:

Cheers guys, shall keep you posted with the build. I think it’s just lights in the workshop that make it look a bit purple. So engine is out. And being stripped down this week. Just been speaking to rob from evil empire waiting for all my bits and get the beast up and running again

We have the technology to rebuild it K

Let hope we dont get to 6 million Dollars !! :wink:

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Yes rob we do.
I’ve emailed you this morning. Need to order some bits

@kmaysfx what part of london you from mate?
I live near slough

I live in St Albans 30 mins from slough t