New Gto owner saying hi to everyone

Hi my name is Richard, and yesterday I brought home my 1993 jdm manual na Gto.
I don’t have any pictures as of yet due to bad weather but as soon as I do I will post them.

Does anyone have any advise on upgrades?

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Hi and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

There has been a few mods to n/a,'s over the years from changing the plenum to a TT one to supercharging and single turbo conversions ,

Main thing would be give it a good service if it hasn’t had one , this includes cambelt if your unsure when it was last done


Craig :slight_smile:


Hi Craig,

The cam belt was replaced 3500 miles ago and has had a very good service history.

There a problems with it tho, it has a hole in the mid box, the climate control units screen doesn’t work and the drivers side wing mirror doesn’t fold in.

Would you have any recommendations on what to do to get these fixed?


Hi @wkd_rich11
Newish owner and member myself. 92 man n/a gto.
The people here are a nice bunch. The club is great for asking for help and advice.
Best thing i did was join the club.
Check out the search bar for problems with climate control and wing mirror.If you cant find posts on there,someone will help you out.


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If you still have the cassette tape holder under the stereo I recommend upgrading to the tray, great for storing keys, mobile phones, wallets etc.

Also I’d upgrade the wipers to the Trico Neoform Beam Blade type that you can get from Opie Oils (@Oilman).

I’d also do the headlight upgrade :smile:

Oh, if you want it to go faster, there’s loads of advice on here about that too :smiley:

Welcome to the club! Get some pics up asap. You will find loads of info about the problems you have but if you can’t find anything ask away. Loads of people more knowlegable than me will come along and help.

Heya welcome in. Can’t wait to see some pics :smile:
Any help/advice just shout and someone will be glad to help

Welcome to the club, and this lot 'ere won’t let up until the pictures are up :laughing:

The climate control is a unit that has to be changed, ask @GSXRKID as he seems to have rebuilt ones that don’t go wrong.

Terry :sunglasses:

@gsxrkid my climate control unit works but the screen doesn’t is there any way to fix or do I need to replace whole thing?


You have two ways to go about this either find a 2nd hand one that does work but will go in the future, as they all do believe me no matter what age they are unless they have a dial for temp increase on the very late ones for you guy also reading this.

Or i have a guy who can rebuild them and mod them so it wont happen again but he charges £60 to do this

Cheers Rob


Hi Robert,
thats very reasonable.
where in the UK are you/ is he based?

cheers Richard

Hi Richard,

Welcome to GTOUK, get some pictures up when you can :smile:



hi Neil,

will get some up as soon as this weather lays off lol. cant get a good pic when its raining.


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Hi Richard,

I agree its not the best weather at the moment :frowning:


Hi all,

Getting to that point where I’m noticing all the little problem/ issues.
One of these is that the drivers side door light is not coming on when I open the door.

I no this is a really small thing but it is doing my head in! Lol

At first I thought it was the bulb so I swapped it with the passenger side door light bulb and the bulb is working. Is there a separate fuse for each one or could this be the wiring needs replacing?

I don’t believe that it is the door switch as the alarm still goes off if I open the door with the lights on.

Any advise would be great.


Welcome to the club Richard we are all mad…mad to own gtos
The club has a great for problem solving regarding climate control panel never had one that hasn’t worked although have sold a couple from scrap ones so they must go at some point. Sounds like your getting off lightly you can rewire minor stuff and tbh safer to do so these things are old and wiring wise can be problematic due to age regardless of miles. Good luck bud deep pockets are needed lol :+1:

Do not look at the list getting longer the longer you own the vehicle, everyone has to do lists, they do grow longer every day, it’s how you feel about doing certain jobs and the order you want to do them in :wink:

I know 'coz I’m filling an A4 page up quite quickly :laughing:

Terry :sunglasses:

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Whereabouts are you based Richard? I am a GTO NA owner for 10 years now. You can make the NA a bit zippier, but at cost. Do the easy things first, such as upgrade to a K & N air filter, or an HKS twin mushroom one, maybe a higher spec exhaust with a decat (keep your cat for the MOTs), and maybe improving the induction pipework.
To get to similar power of a TT you’ll need to spend more, and think about swapping out the engine, heads, manifolds, ECU, and drivetrain most likely, and that’s before you get to the stage where you need to upgrade fuel and boost control and intercooler equipment etc. I have never worried about it myself, my old gal goes well enough for me any day. Some NA members have put a serious amount of time, money and effort into their NAs and have earnt themselves some very reputable quarter mile times - circa 12s - at Santa Pod.
Incidentally, my climate control display is not lit. The system does work, but doesn’t light up. I’m going to take it out sometime soon and check the wiring and bulbs serving it, and hopefully I’ll have it going again. Otherwise I’ll be on the phone to Rob at the Evil Empire to ask about the fella who can mend them.
Good luck with yours fella. They are great fun and remain real head-turners .


@dodgemonkey I’m in littlehampton near Brighton not many round here I don’t think, at least I haven’t seen many.
This may be a silly question but do you know what this button is for?

For some reason I can’t work out what it does.

And you’re right there are so many things I want to do to it but want to get the major things done first like the hole in the mid box lol

If anyone is based down in Sussex could someone recommend some where to take her

Is it your fog light switch it’s not original switch that’s just a coin tray it’s where active aero switch is on a twin turbo one mate