New GTO Owner - Story of how I got here -

Hey Everyone
A little back story :stuck_out_tongue:

Call me crazy but in 2023 I sold my Toyota GT86 Giallo Edition number 41/86 for about 15k, reason for sale was because I was really getting fed up with how new cars look and feel. It just…didn’t do it for me, hell I enjoyed my 2004 Toyota Celica TS more to be honest.
Anyway with the car sold I knew I wanted an older car something japanese from the 80-90s which wasn’t an MR2/ Supra or any other of the obvious choices. Then I spotted a Mitsubishi GTO MR Special Version for sale on FaceBook marketplace, asking price was 12k (I think) and soon as I saw pop-up headlights I wanted it.

Sadly by the time I contacted the seller the car was already headed to an auction :open_mouth: and come auction day I got into a bidding war (they were in person while I was a live bidder) Bidding at only 9k which included buyer’s premium which was about about 1k.
Funny enough this car was posted in this forum back in 2020 by @jerry_SC looks just as good now as it did back then, do not regret buying it :smiley:


Welcome to GTOUK :+1:

Looked at the pictures and thought it was one of Jerrys cars :joy:

In any hope you enjoy your car and will hopefully meet you at a future car meet - FYI we organise a number throughout the year doing a club stand etc…

One more thing- the forum operates on a subscription model (hence why you can only see a limited section of the forum) the fee is approx… £20 p/a

James - club secretary

Welcome and enjoy, nice looking car !

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Welcome :relaxed:
These truly are special cars
I got mine at auction and had been looking for ages
See you at future events
Have a fab weekend
Lara :blush:

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GT86…for a pop-up Mk1 GTO…Good man!
Hope you join us. If you do, welcome to this amazing club.
Car looks a beauty!


Welcome along, as Mike says, you’ve done the first part, shown pictures of your car.

Terry :sunglasses: