New GTO to the forum

Just new to the forum :slight_smile: From Newtownards, Northern Ireland

I have a 1991/92 GTO has been off the road for 4 years, almost ready to hit the streets again :slight_smile:

Cant upload a picture tho :frowning:

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Hi fella welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

Browse the forum for a while read some topics then you will find that you can upload pics


Craig :smile:

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Welcome buddy :+1: your in the right place

Thanks troops :slight_smile: Just few small issues to sort with my GTO to get it running right :blush:

Looks to be a good set up here too :slight_smile:

Hello welcome and good to see ya

Looking forward to pics of your GTO and tell us more about what you have planned with her :smiley:


Welcome to GTOUK, do you own a non turbo or turbo?


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Hi and welcome. You should be able to upload pics by now and you wont keep these guys happy without pics!

I own a twin turbo GTO 3rd owner from new

Had some neglect over the last number of years. So tidying back to original condition :smile:

Iโ€™ve tried to upload a picture there again still unable :frowning:


You have to browse the forum and read a few threads for a certain amount of time before it will let you. Its not very long though. If you are still having problems them Mr @DeanMarkTaylor will come to your rescue Iโ€™m sure.

Welcome to the club dude :slight_smile: as max says you should be able to do it by now. Will check for you

There she is paint work has been totally sorted! Need to get my wheels refurbed and i have the โ€˜check engineโ€™ light coming on after about 5 minsโ€ฆ Slowly but surely


Brill another red one happy days enjoy