New Guy GT3000

Hi guys

Just stole a 1999 VR4 from a bored and tired owner …

Previously owned for 15 years … in storage for 11 years , so loads of things need doing to get it back to former glory … ££££s

It will be a slow process , but hoping to be out and about for 2017 , maybe

Ive seen the pictures from Thorseby shows , i usually go in the old Escort , but maybe next year , who knows

Ive been in touch with a guy called Rob from Evil Empire for some bits , and he was ever so helpful,

Pictures to follow


Hi and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses: Nice to have you on board

Good old thoresby , turning back into a good meet for the club again over the past few years .

Get some pictures up when you can and show off the motor


Craig :grinning:


Hi welcome to the club. There’s loads of information on these cars and lots of knowledge here. Look forward to seeing you and your car at some meets next year.

Get some pictures up :joy:



Hi John

Welcome to the forum, glad you could make it.

Bits are on their way for you

Cheers Rob

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Welcome along mate…pictures, pictures…before they all start screaming at you :blush: great place to be loads of benefits becoming a full member, pages and pages of information that you will need plus were all here to help.
Dave :sunglasses:

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Welcome to the greatest club in the land, as they say above, info for full members and pics are a must!!!

Terry :sunglasses:




Welcome to the nut house! Pictures or it didn’t happen!

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Hello and welcome!

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Well i recieved my bits from Rob, thanks dude

Also new timing belt kit fitted, All brakes serviced or re-newed ,waxoyld in the doors, ( did i say we are used to fords ) lol

Gave it a good Meguiars wash and polish , and the old man is in love with her

Still got a few bits to get , but i believe we bought a good 1

The previous owner has has sent a message through the channels that they want to buy it back when its finished …
Fat chance

I reckon wheels will next ont list, maybe some 18" RX8 5 spokes for christmas



Oooooo yeh :eyes::sunglasses:

Cheers for all the welcomes :fist:

Few more jobs … jobbed

Car has now had a full service, plugs (wotatwattodo) , oils + filters , etc

Ive got 2 door mirrors to have painted in black , then get them fitted

I had the car on the LAUNCH reader , as Ive got an O/S/F ABS light on , so i stripped the front wheel arch down to fix and waxoyl

Ive ordered some POR15 from Frosts to sort the 10 year old top rust out underneath,

The thing is i found 3 plugs under the wing , going nowhere ,from the loom , they are near the ABS Unit , 2 had the wire loop so as not to upset the ECU

Anybody shed any light on them , everything seems to work fine without …

Update time …

No MOT as yet , but Wheels arrived last week, so pics pics pics …

Well 1 anyway


Maybe gunna get lowered

+= More money

Looking Good John :wink:

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MOT Today , It was not pretty

Brake pipes need sorting, and a few plates need making for the floor / sill rot

It looks like a labour of love underneath , most things have rust on them , but it looks like its been caught just in time , a quick scrub with the wire brush , and most of the top rust is off

Any way , av a pic


It takes sometime and a lot of effort :smiley:

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Smokin was a wreck in the boot, anything can be welded and brought back then last ages again.
Good luck :+1:


Been a while … :eyes:

Had the rear bumper off and Treated with rust eater

Its not as bad as it looks , bit of surface rust cleaned up quite easily

Once The Rust Eater was dry, A quick smothering of Waxoyl was applied to every surface
And then some …:wink: just for good measure

So , Motors now ready for another 19 years of British weather