New guy looking for help

Hi guys, I’m a new member of the forum, came here looking for help.
I’ve got a 1990 N/A GTO in manual that has quite literally blown the innerds of the transfer box and I’m in search of a new transfer box, if anyone has a 5 speed manual transfer case box around or know where I could find one that would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @mateusz, this section is usually for people to introduce themselves and let us know whereabouts in the country you are and pics, the guys love pics of motors.

Regarding the transfer box I’ve no idea but someone will be along to let you know, I think @jerry_SC had a box and t/f box. As I’ve pinged him he should get this straight away.

Welcome along and hope someone can help.

Terry :sunglasses:


Yeah sorry about that, I couldn’t post this into any other section and atm its quite urgent matter as its my only car :sweat_smile:

hi (Mitsubishi 3000GT/GTO Sales UK )( Facebook) there you can find