New here but my car isn’t J226NLT from cornwall


So hello I guess,

I’ve owned this 3.0 NA since August time and it’s treated me so well, well other than the cam pulley and the dreaded “click click start” issue I currently have.

I believe it was imported in 2002 and stored for around 8 years. I’m based in Bude, Cornwall but I know the cars had work in the St Austell area.
So mine has a club sticker on the rear window, so here I am trying to find any information about it. Has one seen it before or noticed it or even owned it. Thanks and looking forward to being a active member. Phil


Welcome to the club Phil.

Hi and welcome Phil

Doesn’t immediately jump out as a car I recognise , but if it has one of the original stickers it will have been a club members at some point

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Welcome @phil1, the right colour. Mine had a sticker in the rear window too, tried to find a bit more about it and could only find that it was owned by a guy Paul Cox. This car came from Cornwall as well.

Terry :sunglasses:

Welcome to GTOUK Phil :+1:

Welcome Phil to GTOUK

Does anyone else have any info about my car?