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Hi, Just recently bought my first Gto… well I got it bought for me as a birthday present​:blush: 3rd time driving it and already has its first problem… power steering fluid leak… go jap they said, it ll be fun they said :see_no_evil:


Where is the leak?


Welcome to the club mate,very nice car,is this the one with upgraded twin gt something turbos?
Power steering leak it’s not a major problem don’t forget it’s a 20 year old plus car.probably a seal or an old rotten hose.
No biggy.
Jerry :grinning:


Hi and welcome to GTOUK

As the guys have said power steering leak might not be too bad , joints between the hard pipe and flexis at the rear are common , seals in powersteering racks also common the gators balloon up then start leaking , other one starting to come through now is hard pipes over the rear diff rotting

While it’s not major in the sense of cost you do need it sorting asap really , the power steering system runs at high pressure and you don’t want to lose your assisted steering at speed if it dumps all the oil


Hi and welcome to GTOUK.
Lovely looking car.


Hi and welcome to the group :+1::+1:
Good looking car and as was said these car old and do need a lot of TLC as I’m finding out but love um.


Once you get on top of it then is as reliable as any other car or more.these cars are very well built compared to modern cars but 20 years is a long time for everyone and everything.
I wish I was 20 years younger back then I’ve never complaint about back pain but now I do :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Jerry :grinning: :grin: :joy:


that’s Chris marshals old car
does it still fly


welcome to the club buddy,lovely shine on that


It’s a 27 year old car, ‘jap’ or not things will fail unless its been maintained by previous owners.


Welcome to GTOUK car is looking good !


Welcome Annabel, as others have said earlier should be a quick fix, just need to check everything. Car looks really nice. Whereabouts in the country are you?

Terry :sunglasses:


Thanks everyone… bf has been out to check it he’s found where the leak is coming from. It’s coming off the steering rack? Gonna get it booked on this week with a guy we know alto why it sorted other than that I love the car…
currently based not for from Newcastle :+1:


I was told the same thing ! Out of the 18 months I’ve owned my GTO it’s probably only see the road for around 4 months, head Gasket went first, then 7pp miles later it needed a full engine rebuild ! But carried on and it’s all good now :sunglasses:


Welcome to GTOUK