New (ish) GTO Owner requests expert help

Hi, I bought my GTO about 10 months ago, it had been sitting in a garage for 5 years, it’s been MOT’d had a new alternator, had to have the gearbox rebuilt and refurbished costing £1800, it’s an automatic non turbo but has AWD and the 4 wheel steering, is this normal or a bit different, I took it to a mechanic friend and he seemed to think this wasn’t normal but anyhow that isn’t my main query, I’m looking for advice on a garage in the North of the country that could carry out some upgrade/modification work on it, I want to have turbos fitted but can’t find a garage thats even able to consider doing it… It’s now become my daily driver so I want to invest some ££ into her to get her right, any help would be greatly appreciated, I live in the Lake District so a bit limited for specialist garages here… Cheers and Thanks Mark :smiley:

Welcome to the club mark,i live in the east mids so cant offer any advise in your neck of the woods all i can say it to convert an auto na to a tt is going to cost a skip load of money,probably be cheaper to jack it up and put a tt under it lol

It has been done in the past , more commonly on the N/a manual though , there have also been supercharged n/a’s

One of which is @jerry_SC car , I’m sure he can give you some advice and another option apart from turbos


Craig :grinning:

I read of one N/A that was converted to a TT, had to do the resistors on the injectors, do the Auto box with stronger components that were likely to fail, all the bits came from America, the problem with the N/A is the difference in the compression ratio. Hotter plugs had to be used and a myriad of other things. From what was said, the work taken, it would have been better just to buy a TT. Sorry to put a downer on it :cry:

Terry :sunglasses:

Hello and welcome along to the club.