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Greetings from beautiful lake Tahoe Nevada USA
I just recently purchased a 1991 VR4 and completed a full stock build and it shall be ready for the streets very soon after our crazy winter if over. We are 6300Feet above sea level and one can only imagine our winter months. I shall be posting a few pics on my build and perhaps even make a youtube clip. This vehicle was bought for my son that just turned 18 and the plan was to build it together as a father and son project, unfortunately things didn’t go well with my x so he moved back to Florida and now is into crotch rockets, so I decided to let her go but then decide to keep her and build her up as a restoration project stating from a bare block. She was bought locally with only 70k miles and was in a above average stock condition with tranny issues and clogged injectors in an open state and tons of carbon buildup everywhere and blown turbo seals so oil deposits in the intake and I/C piping. She never had a 60k miles service and was just left sitting in the garage for over 10 years with minimal rust and corrosion considering the vehicle was in a desert climate so less moisture. So hard to find these JDM classics nowadays. So for the last two years I have been at it and just completed the entire engine build that is currently out on the stand and also fixed the manual tranny. I had to invest in many special tools and equipment for the build. As being my first ever build it has been a dire learning experience and a thrill.

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Welcome, Blue, to GTOUK.
Interesting story you have and will be good to see photos of your build.
Good luck with your VR4.

Welcome to the club, looking forward to the pics.

Welcome to GTOUK !

Welcome to the forum buddy

Hello to BlueTahoeVR4,
We don’t get so many join us from across the North Atlantic, it is a real delight to read your intro. Welcome to our Club, and I know many of us will be very keen to see your photos, as well as any further information you want to share regarding your VR4 renovation.
Many owners here are now dealing with cars - like your VR4 - at or approaching 30 years of age, and our climate is perhaps less favourable in terms of dryness than yours, so we have our work cut out :grin:
But, as you know, these cars still turn heads, and aren’t so slow either, and that’s why we still keep them running.
Good luck with your renovation, and great to hear from you.
Best wishes,


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Thanks you Mike for that very warm welcome, yes definitely will post a few pics of my build. And would like to share my story with all you great folks. I am part English myself with a bunch of family relatives living in the UK.

Much thanks!

Thank You!!

Thanks Jerry, much appreciated

Welcome to the guy from across the pond :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: will definitely look forward to reading your rebuild.

Terry :sunglasses: