New Member, introduction / FAQ Search

Hi all,

Picked up a 1994 Japanese import GTO Twin Turbo just before new years, already in love!
(Think this is the right topic area for this? a little unsure…)
First real question i have is, i couldnt see a FAQ listed, and i have alot of bland boring questions (Best oil / filters etc. all that boring stuff).
Anyone able to direct me to a previous topic or FAQ page that gives me a good breakdown of maintenance?
I’m not new to vehicle maintenance but its the first time i’ve bought one thats older than me!


Welcome to the club, car look good and different, for most part people will say oem and look at evil empire website for most items and give him a call, he will help you get most things that you need

Where about are you from

Welcome to GTOUK , start with the search facility for previous topics top right corner and use keywords !

Hi and welcome to GTOUK

That car has been in the club before many years ago , as spiros has said the search engine will give you loads of info , you will find as a registered member though and not a fully paid up member a lot of things won’t be visible

Here’s a link to the faq


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