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I’ll Hello guys, new member here. Purchased a low miles jap import (mk2) a few months back and am just starting to get into the restoration. It needs a lot of paint, not because of rust, it’s extremely solid, but because of a max power era body kit that had been fitted. The cars been stood a long while but had previously been well looked after. Purchased the car with the cambelt stripped off it, pinned it up, replaced the water pump and belt and she runs beautifully.

The awful Rx8 wheels are going and I’m currently stripping panels off it to have put into primer ready for a full respray.

I completed my last project last year, a 1971 Reliant Scimitar with a Honda S2000 engine transplant.

Pics if anyones interested on Instagram @scimitartyper


Hi @Lukeyboy46

Welcome to GTOUK :+1:

Good luck with the restoration project- and if you look around the forum there are many of us - myself included who have done various levels of restoration projects.


Welcome! Good luck with the project. Lovely colour.

After a couple of bits for this if anyone has anything! I could do with a set of side sills, front bumper and rear bumper!

Also, a set of rolling wheels with tyres if anyone has anything please!! :slight_smile:

Hi @Lukeyboy46 if you’re after some bits and bobs try posting in the wanted section of the forum:

We like to keep the newbie section for introductions rather than rebuild/ project threads etc…



Thanks James, I would have done however as I’m new to the forum I don’t believe I have access to post within those topics!

They are all locked off!


I take it you’re a full member and have paid the £20 subscription? if so we will look into this as you should have access and be able to create a new topic etc…

Hi and welcome to GTOUK.

Please confirm you still don’t have access to all relevant full member topics.


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Seem to have missed this @Lukeyboy46, welcome to the club, hope to see you at a meet or whatever. Blue’s good.

Terry :sunglasses:

Hi Steve, I still don’t have access to the other areas, I am a paid up member!

Thanks Terry! :grin:

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Hi @Lukeyboy46 I’m sure you have but have you tried logging out and logging back in to the forum?