New member looking for advice

Hello fellow 3000GT owners!

I’m looking for a bit of help and advice.

I have another issue that needs solving that hopefully isn’t a difficult one! My 3000GT is an AWD 3.0L V6 TT that is heavily modified. When she works she pushes near 500bhp. However I’m usually pretty good at solving issues but this one has me stumped! She’s started idling badly… even stalling. I’ve removed the IAC and cleaned it, checked for air leaks, all wiring looked over with no problems and checked timing is good. The problem is not only the idling though and whilst driving the engine cuts out for half a second… but comes straight back to life causing an RPM drop. As soon as she does you hear solenoids re-engage and the fuel pump re-prime etc. This happens ever few minutes under all loads (clutch down / full throttle / braking etc) Occasionally you get a misfire for a few minutes especially at low revs <3000 rpm but will then drive normally. As an addition to this problem she now won’t engage the starter at all when turning the car and she won’t even try anything unless you keep flicking the ignition until you get the one time she’ll start! (Takes 10-15 attempts).

It’s all pointing to the ECU… but I’ve taken the ECU out and the circuit board looks almost brand new! No burns or leaks etc… so to be honest… wtf is the problem? It’s got to be the ECU surely?

Would appreciate you help, even someone with a 1996 TT that would let me test there ECU in my car! (I’m in Ipswich, UK btw)

Hi Chris,

Welcome to GTOUK :+1:

The newbie section is really only for general introduction and telling us about your car. The technical guidance your after is most likely within our technical sections which is accessible to full members.

The car looks nice :grinning:



I doubt the information will narrow down the issue I’m having. Only experience can offer advice. Regardless if I get some good advice or help then I will join so I can assist others too. This is basically me testing to see if it’s worth it.



Welcome to GTOUk Chris surely some of the Members can come up with some suggestions , swapping ECU is a good start !

You need to test it to see if its worth joining :astonished::astonished::astonished:

Hope you sort your car and welcome to GTOUK by the way.

Terry :sunglasses:


Haven’t seen another 3000GT anywhere near me to ask if they mind me dismantling there car! Lol

I can answer your question about the starter, be £10…
Anybody else wanna do the other bit for another tenner :rofl:

Velcome to da club :woman_mechanic:

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This is why I don’t just join a group and pay money straight away.

You can take the pi$$ all you want. I’ll find another group that can help and advise.

Your rudeness is uncalled for buddy.

Hi Chris

There is over 15years of technical know how and knowledge within this forum , what has probably rubbed a few people up the wrong way is saying your testing the water to see if it’s worth joining , over the years we have seen many people pop up receive help then leave until the next time , now I’m not saying that’s what your going to do but it does stop people going into long in-depth replies.

The newbie section is a general hello and introduce yourself section , that doesn’t mean we are not prepared to help out but you won’t be getting weeks worth’s of replies while you fix your motor

Hope that clarifies things

Nice looking motor by the way :+1:




Just reading through your post your not going to be pushing anywhere near those figures on a stock ecu, not unless it has some kind of piggy back ecu bolted onto it ,

Will need some details of your modifications , not as easy diagnosing a tuned motor over stock unfortunately , as it depends how it’s been tuned and with what


My initial impression counts and immediately getting a rude comment certainly doesn’t fill me with confidence.

I will be thinking twice whether it’s worth joining this group now.

NB. Thanks for the comments Craig it’s appreciated and over 30k has been spent on this car so far to be as good as she is. I’ve used the knowledge of guys with over 20 years experience each with these cars in the past few years. They know a lot!

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Out of interest who has been helping out in the past ? To be in the scene that long will most likely be well known to folks in here :+1:

As I say we need the mod list to help further

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I would recommend joining up the knowledge these guys know is priceless I know nothing about cars and have done things and solved things with the help on here… the guys are just having banter don’t take it personally it’s just a bit of fun! At the end of the day it’s 20 quid for the year if it’s that bad you’ve just nothing in to comparison to the cost of your car but if you do find what your looking for I think you’ll find it was worth it…welcome to the club nice to see another blue one :+1:


Lol I seem to get told off whatever I say these days :rofl:

See ya :thinking:


Hi Chris, and welcome. This club and its members will prove a valuable asset to you and 20 quid is not a lot considering what you’ve already spent. Very nice car btw.

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Welcome to GTOUK Chris.
As Craig said a list of mods would be needed to try and help diagnose the issue.
When you say it cuts out every few minutes, is this like the car has been turned off then on again, and is this just whilst driving.

And the idle issue where the car cuts out is a different cut out, as in the car will idle poorly and then fully cuts out.

I know it sounds stupid. Are you sure the battery, connections and earth are good.
Sometimes the simplest faults are over looked.

Welcome Chris.

Cheers Martyn

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Hi and welcome to GTOUK.

GTOUK is a Club Chris not a group, were are far more than a technical advice platform. The benefits far out way the cost of the full membership.

Maybe stating that your testing the value of the membership didn’t go down too well with some members.

Looking at the car pic there’s no doubt the external looks well, with issues on the engine then you need to be able to open up more sections on our forum and that only comes with full membership.

Good luck with the car which ever direction you take.



Hi Chris,

Great looking car and welcome to the club I have to say the technical guidance on here is amazing,
I have learnt so much over the few months since I joined I only wish I had joined years ago it would of saved me loads of money and lots of headaches, everyone gives advice and different opinions which is perfect when trying to diagnose problems and we are all here to help each other out as much as we can.