New member on the way to check out a jap import gto advice needed!

Going to take a look at this and had a look at the buyers guide, wanted one of these for a very long time and this looks great, any suggestions?

That seller doesn’t have the best name for himself, he has quite a lot of gtos and has done an engine swap as well as other bits on one in the past.

This MOT is from 2015 so i would be inclined to check out what they did to sort the rust issue.

Hopefully others will give you some better information

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Thats way too much mate , his stuff is over priced id be worried about the corrosion 30cm of the body mountings

What would you pay for it? Assuming I was willing to invest in sorting the corrosion

If the corrosion is that bad I wouldn’t pay more than a couple of grand for it.
I would stay away from it though.
There are others cheaper and with less niggles


If its rotten I would look elsewhere , not worth the time money or hassle, looks good on the outside.

Okay ive seen it now, couldn’t spend long or do a test drive just yet, didn’t know what I was looking for when it came to the corrosion, but I was never gonna take it today anyway. Will perhaps go back later with a mechanic to do a full check and test drive. He didn’t know much about it, had it a few months and got it off the “guy” that does gtos, he’s gonna forward his details and I’ll find out more and what he did about the corrosion

That does look a lot better and description is a lot clearer, this guy didn’t seem to care much for the car or done anything with it (aparrantly he got it to pay off a debt someone owed him) which is a little suspect, I do like the look of this one too the blue is my favourite colour for it

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Is there a forum on here for proper owners looking to sell?

Someone advertised a l9vely red one , which he has had for a few years and a ■■■■■■ good price for it

Here you go @Hankanman

Tracie :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:


also, this Black MR has been up for sale since before I bought my car… that was April’18

Sent you a p m.

Welcome to GTOUK @Hankanman, as above stay away from this seller !

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I looked at the red one in Hailsham. I put it through mot. Rust free but smoky engine… Nice guy selling it.

Dont think that seller has a good reputation plus car is way too expensive considering there’s a major rust problem. Welcome aboard btw.

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Thanks everyone for the welcome!! I kinda want to take that MR off the guy so that it gets used (fyi he said he might do a 99p auction on eBay soon) so anyone who is up for it may want to watch the seller, get it cheap and take it away from the guy, because he doesn’t care about it at all. Here is the full MOT history, would upload the hpi check but won’t let me upload pdfs happy to email ppl if they pm me

Interested in this one at the moment and the owner seems to have taken good care of it, messaged him and might be able to get a look in the next week or so (I’m a sucker for the blue, red doesn’t float my boat unfortunately, though there are some good red ones out there I could wrap so it was reversible. Thoughts?)

I really felt for that guy when he first put the car up

he originally had it in a auction, then a couple of others, looks like he has had the normal eBay messing him about

if you add up the cost of what he’s done to it, its a decent amount. id call him to see what he needs for the car as it looks like he’s not getting it from the normal eBay crowd

I like the car