New member query: TT vs NA differences

Hey, I’m new to the forum. I recently joined after falling in love with the gto and I’m determined for it to be my next car.
Just wanted to say hi and chat / pick the brains of some likeminded people.

With this in mind I’ve been thinking about getting the NA version and then modding it as my insurance gets a bit easier (I’m only 19 with nearly 2 years driving experience and live in the Uk).
I just wanted to ask whether the Na model has 4WS, Active aero and cruise control as standard or whether they were options and I just need to search for one that had them ticked.
If not what would be the complexity of installing them?
Obvisouly the Na won’t have internals as strong as they’ll be designed to be lighter to rev higher etc but surely dropping In a Tt motor later on would be viable? Not sure about any transmissions differences between the two.

Any help would be massively appreciated and if anyone has any advice or good sites in regards to buying a NA or TT model please don’t hesitate to message me and fill me in.
Thanks for your time.

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Also my goal would be to get an imported GTO not a UKDM because JDM lol

Hi Charlie, pretty new here myself, I got my first gto earlier this year. I went down the TT road as I was looking for a long term project .
As far as I know the Na doesn’t have aero but does have Aws ( I’m open to correction).
The Na is a pretty impressive car also and sounds amazing too and can be picked up for less money too.
Mechanically, I think very similar but if your seriously considering converting na to TT you’d be far better off to just get a TT now.


Go for the tt, you will only retreat it buying an na mate. Plus more fun :wink:

Welcome to UK… for your age I would say an na manual… We’ve seen insurance premiums in the £1000s for young drivers on these car’s, get the insurance quoted first.
The more that’s on an na the heavier it is… I would suggest an sr lightweight one


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Welcome to GTOUK Charlie !

You’re best off getting a couple of years in a n/a an then getting a turbo cos your insurance will be sky high

Welcome to the community, hope you find a good car.
Agree a sr is a good na spec, a mr is the tt version.
Both were reduced spec from Mitsubishi without some of the gizmos like rws ecs active aero cruise control etc to sell at a lower sticker price when new.
Hope that insurance is not too steep.
The club will be at the Nec Classic Motor Show 9-11 November, hall 5 come and say hello.

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Hello everyone, and thank you very much for your warm welcomes and replies.
I’ve found a good example of a TT JDM import and am currently awaiting a reply on a line of questions regarding it and potentially financing it.
Due to this, in the next couple days you’ll find me paying for my full membership to the he club and booking a couple days of work to come meet you all in person at the classic motor show (dependant on location, my little Corsa might not make a long road trip…).
Just wanted to ask one additional question regarding whether or not this club has any ties or terms with insurance companies who would provide a slightly better rate than the rest due to membership and enthusiasm for the car.
Thanks again for accepting me, hopefully see you at NEC.

Oh and I’m not ignoring the advice to go for an Na first I just feel as though I’d enjoy one as a project for a while and then get it on the road, not sure I’d ever be able to afford a TT if I bought an Na now.


Try Adrian Flax or or Classic

You made the best choice ever and I know what everyone was trying to say but tt is the way forward when you buy a gto.
Nothing against the na but as we all know humans are greedy and we always want good luck in buying your first tt and make sure do the proper search and when you view the car take a good look around.
Jerry :grinning:


Check out RH brokers as well
Welcome aboard

Damn I’d left it too late :frowning: went to call the second hand lot about the car and someone out a deposit on it yesterday…
oh well the search continues in the meantime I’ll call a few of those brokers and see what they can do for me rates wise.
Gunna go ahead and buy my club membership in a minute.
If anyone comes across any decent TT examples for around or less than the 4K mark I’d appreciate a introduction :slight_smile:


Waiting :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

2hrs ago, doh!!!

Terry :sunglasses:


I would get on and look at the prices for insurance I think at your age a UK car will be about 1/2 the price of a JDM TT, and some people have found the N/A is more expensive than a TT to insure

anything under £1500 I would guess is a good deal

Aplan Thatcham if you want a JDM could also be a good place to start


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If you can get classic insurance you could save a load of money.
My quotes from compare sites a few years ago around 3-4k
I went with a classic policy. This year’s renewal was under £250.

Ah yea I didn’t think about the JDM being more to insure… I’ll have to have a look at both. Classic insurance would probably be great but here aren’t many that do it for anyone under 21 :frowning: doesn’t meant I can’t try though.

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I have classic insurance on mine but had to show I had a daily driver other than the Gto and limited mileage . It suits me fine as I can easily stay within the criteria but if your planning on using it everyday might be an issue .
I’m in Ireland , maybe it’s not as strict with classic insurers in the U.K.
Good Luck