New member to join


Hi there.
Looking to rejoin the club after a 13 year absence.
I have tried to subscribe via websit but no joy.
Please send link or details where i can make payment etc

Thanks in advance


Club shop should be there and its £10 as late in the year.
Welcome back :heartbeat:


Welcome back Steve !


Hi and welcome back

One of the committee should be able to sort you out if you drop them a pm

@stevie @Tracie @Butler @3000gt @gavin_naish


Craig :grinning:


Hi Steve

That’s the link to full membership payment via club shop. Payment by card or Paypal :slight_smile:


I read it as Steve was having problems doing it via website , that’s why I tagged you guys in instead of posting the link :sunglasses:

Either way Steve you have a couple of options , look forward to seeing you back in the fold fully .

Knock a post up in the newbie section as after 13 years a lot of guys won’t know you now and some of us older ones probably need our memories refreshing


Craig :flushed:


Ah @cdmh if that’s the case and after following that link if your still having issues please let me know what is happening and we can sort it :smiley:


As Mr Butler has said, let us know what’s happening if you can’t complete the process via the online link.



Ok guys sorted…payment made… proble i had was that i hadn’t put in a registration no for car.
The reason for this is that i dont have the car yet i just agreed to buy last night. I have put in a dummy H for now, will update on car pick up
I will post some info later