New member!

Hi all. Just reaching out to you as a new member and to say hello! I have bought an absolutely stunning GTO some of you may recognise and know the previous owner - Mid Life Crisis! Im going to put some love into her and hopefully will see you at a meet soon!! Cheers, Dave.


Hi Dave,

Welcome to the club- certainly looks like a fun car and hopefully you will enjoy it :+1:

Just so you know the club has a full membership which gets you access to all the areas of the forum and also enables you to display the car on the club stand as at the various shows we do throughout the year.



Hi welcome and nice looking motor hope you join us and come to some meets we do

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Hi and welcome to the club, recognise the car.

Terry :sunglasses:

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Welcome to this incredible Club. Yes, many know of Mid Life Crisis on this Forum, and I am sure you have inherited a great sample of these cars.
Happy motoring!


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Welcome to the club Dave,I’m just up road in Lincoln

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Thanks James I’ll get right onto the full membership. Cheers, Dave.

Hi Jerry I certainly will do and look forward to meeting you. Cheers, Dave.

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Thanks Terry, cheers, Dave.

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Cheers Mike :dizzy:

Cheers Fletch. Look forward to meeting you :ok_hand:

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Hi James I just realised I had already signed up for full membership. Are the links on this login page or is there a separate

full member log in area. Please see photo attached. Cheers, Dave.

Hi Dave @SussexGTO

Click on the three lines in the top right corner of the screen:

this will take you to the front page of the forum where you can log in using your email and password.