New members and renewals

The latest batch of new memberships and renewals will be posted out during the next few days. If you have recently joined, or renewed, please watch for the postman! New memberships are sent recorded delivery, so please go and collect it if you are left a card by the postie…

Did you get Dell’s yet

No, sorry.

I’ll check with Si tomoro


not sure I have a signed form from derek ?


not sure what going on ive sent 3 so far.


[quote]not sure what going on ive sent 3 so far.


I’ve not come across one.


sounds like a conspiracy to me… :wink:

Seriously though… weird… Did you send all three to the same place?

Chaps and chapesses,

I have finally got those packs and renewals out today along with a couple of CD manuals that were outstanding.

Apologies for the slight delay, but it’s been heinously busy at work with the school term ending and a huge amount of IT work being done (for which I am directly responsible). This won’t happen again.

Can’t remember when i sended the money but i got the full access email (saying i was now added to the full group) on 31-05-08, any idea how long it takes from then before i get my membership card ?

Well, you should have had it by now… Please PM me your full details, and I’ll look into that.