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Good morning all I have just bought my first GTO
Jap import manufactured 1993 reg in UK 2003 done eq of 70,000 miles
Drives great but wouuld like to do some modifications
Any suggestions for tuning. I am not a motor savy but would like to start learning and do things myself if possible
I would also like to modify Headlights any ideas I have been trolliing the internet but uunsure if they would fit my car
This is a car that has been bought to pass onto my son (when palying Gran Tourismo) on playstation as a youngster the tiop car was the GTO. He said to me some day Dad I would like a car like that and he will get it
I will try and add photos if I can fiqure it out



Hi there mate and welcome to the club. What sort of mods on the headlight do you want? I suppose you have pop up lights. The option here is to either replace lights from a newer GTO and thus means they will be fixed, or to replace the lamps itself with something new like i did:

Hello and welcome @stuartcarnachan, the place is mad but don’t let that stop you. @Paulw and @GSXRKID, loads more people here to ask but the list could be a rather long one :laughing:

Just drag and drop the pictures, don’t worry if they are too large as the site makes them smaller :+1:

Terry :sunglasses:

Hi there no they are not pop up lights


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Hi and welcome to the club, nice looking car. The best way to improve lights on a mk2 is a HID upgrade. You’ll need two sets (4 ballast) to do this, I believe @maxxbradley has done his recently? If I’m remembering rightly,

Thanks for the welcome what’s the best watt to get hold of max

Yes and no. I did put HID’s on mine but it was a Mk1 not a Mk2 so different headlights and I only needed 1 set. @Steven_Smith was investigating them on a Mk2 and I know he had some issues with the side lights. If you want to PM him click on his name that I have tagged above and you can send him a message from there.

Hi max
I have followed instructions to mail steve below but cannot see what to do once on his page


For reference for all, in case people find this later, HID kits DO NOT appear to work with a MK2 3000GT which can dip the main beam to become a sidelight.

There is a relay system in the driver’s side wheel arch which reduces the voltage and current. I found that with a HID kit, this causes only one ballast to activate correctly, leaving the other in a locked state. You can quickly go straight to main beam from nothing and then they do seem to work but that leaves you with no sidelights and I don’t know if that is legal.

In my opinion a set of Osram Night Breaker bulbs will give a nice after market appearance and also function in the car as Mitsubishi designed it. I used 55w HIDs and they were slightly brighter but not much, as for distance I feel it is also very close.

Night Breakers are the nuts and that is why i sell them… :sunglasses:

Cheers Rob

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What is the difference btw the two , GTO and 3000GT MK1 Only Osram Nightbreaker Plus Uprated H4 High & Low Beam Bulb / GTO and 3000GT MK1 Only PIAA Uprated H4 High & Low Beam Bulbs and why such a big difference in price ?


That is a very good question Spiros and i can answer it truthfully as i asked PIAA the same question !!

Basically the Dearer ones are a made in japan Product and the price includes all the shipping etc from Japan along with the fact that are still a superior product in expensive packaging the Japanese love.

The cheaper ones are made in the New EU factory and come in cheaper packing and are slightly less brighter than the Japanese counter parts, but those who have tried them i have supplied them too have given the a great feed back to me.

Fitted along with my Hella Headlamp upgrade make these a must do upgrade on any MK1 GTO

Cheers Rob

Two and a half times dearer but not a big difference… Japs rip off, I do have the PIAA and the Hella Headlamp upgrade You supplied me few years back and must say that are much much better than the standard lamps and bulbs.

@Steven_Smith where did you get you hid kit from? I have a mk1 3000gt ( beleive these also run the reduced voltage) and am running hids without any issues. Just wondering if its the kit rather than the relay? Or i might be wrong with the reduced voltage as it was during a conversation of fitting some kaze style lights from a gto. Which would have been alot of work due to the reduced voltage and loom differences

Welcome to the club

Just had another thought aswell. My car is reverse polarity may be worth checking yours out. I had to swap the line and neutral around or they were extremely dim…

Reverse polarity?? You mean switched earth?

It depends if you mean the connections are reversed on our cars ( may jus be uk ones) by switched earth lol. Ive only seen it described as reverse polarity on evo forums for example and also the co i purchased my hid kit from. So i switched the polarity on the ballast and they fired up and worked perfectly ( swapped line and neutral cables around)


Welcome to GTOUK, nice looking car.


I got a kit from eBay, just a cheap set because I have also seen others on other forums who have had the exact same issue I have had and thought a ÂŁ20 loss was worth a punt.

Not sure how the MK1 lights work, @GSXRKID may be able to shed a little more light on this?