New N/A GTO 1998

Hi got myself a 1998 GTO manual this is my second after previously having a 1992 model auto in silver for a couple of hours, which unbeknown to me had a loose timing belt which ultimately slipped and screwed the engine so hoping for better luck this time, and this one is getting the timing belt done not taking any chances.
The car has a few imperfections mainly lacquer peel which is mostly on the rear spoiler and mirrors but polishes up beautifully, it’s hopefully a long term relationship (ie no hidden trouble),so been busy buying up second hand parts to fulfill the cars needs and of course joining this club will help me with any concerns I may have thanks.


Hi Gary welcome to GTOUK

Sounds like horrible luck with your old one , hopefully this one behaves for you

Get some pics up when you get chance


Craig :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the club Gary

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Welcome along

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Welcome to the club mate, I bought a silver auto not so long ago that did exactly the same to the guy I bought it off - he had the heads rebuilt and then it ate a big end bearing :scream:

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Cheers this one seems to have been looked after, looking at some receipts it had a major gearbox, clutch and related stuff done 4 years ago at a whopping £3500 pounds and two rear carbon back boxes coming in at £750, all including labour costs. In the last 13 years over £7500 has been spent on it which was a major influence on buying her , here is a pic after my friend gave her a good polish more to follow when she comes back from the garage.


Hi Gary
Welcome to GTOUK.
Car looks great, and looks like you have got yourself a well looked after car

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Stunning looking car! MK3 also the best looking GTO😀

welcome the the club :slight_smile:
car looks good hope you better luck with this one :slight_smile:

Welcome to GTOUK , whereabout s in the country are You Gary ?

Hi Spiros I’m in Dumfriesshire just of A76 before Thornhill cheers for all the welcomes

Another one oop north, looks a fine car, well done, aaaand welcome along :+1:

Terry :sunglasses:

No too far away then Gary , fair amount of money spend on this car looks great the wheels too . I’ve sent You a PM !

Yeah interiors in good nick just a couple of panels to address which have been ordered, clear front bumper indicators from evil empire too. Wheels look good in pic but there in dire need of restoring which I’m thinking of doing gloss white.

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Welcome to the club mate

Welcome to GTOUK nice looking motor :+1::+1:

Dont know about that…

It’s all about the hoop (spoiler) :grinning:

Welcome to the club mate

Just had the car into the garage to have a check over, which I do with all my cars and all that’s needed is the rear brake pads, handbrake as it’s defective but still works, front inner steering rack gaiter and rear outer cv boot. I’m pleased that there was nothing more, and should mean that when it comes to MOT in January it won’t need anything done will keep you posted on further progress.