New Newbie!

Hi Guys/Gals,

My name is Rory, I am 20 and I’m very keen to own a GTO/3000gt at some point in my life! It’s my dream car and I’m hoping soon to buy a 1992 VR4 with all the bells and whistles!

I hope everyone is having a good day and I look forward to reading all about everyone’s cool cars!!

Many thanks.

Rory. :slight_smile:


Welcome :blush:

Follow your dreams
I had always wanted one and so often talked out of.
Found the perfect one for me and love it to bits.
Every day i look at my car, sit in it & drive it makes me so alive.

Go for it !
See you at future events


Hi Rory,
You have seriously good taste, well done!
You should try and get to some of our meets if you can, when you’ll be able to chat with our owners about these cars. First up is the Classic Car and Restoration Show at the NEC in March. After that, many of us will head for Silverstone in April for the Japfest, and then Santa Pod in May for the Japshow.
There is a new event in October at Goodwood, featuring mainly pre 2004 Jap cars as well.
Good luck with your quest,