New owner! 1992 GTO

Hello to all!

Unsure if I’ve just made a mistake, or a good decision!

Just purchased this baby.

Picture does do alot of justice, possibly a old members car?

Dealer wanted 5 grand, knocked them down to 3 due to…Many problems, has been sat in storage since 2007ish, hasn’t done a mile since then.

Cam belt 10 years overdue, clutch slipping like mad, rear steer leaking, heater control dead screen, door cards sagging, rear seats faded (Unsure who can sit in the back anyway?) Windscreen vents broken(How is this common???) Active aero - broken, plan to remove as seems to be more hassle than it’s worth. Most cosmetic items. Plan to stick abit of money into it, know everything is new, and touch wood have some relatively problem free miles.

Good points, drives with no knocks or bangs, all gears are good, most comfortable car I’ve ever drove! Feels awesome to drive, the cars are sexy as hell!

Got a daily accord type r, so car is going to be sat for a while until belt and clutch are done.

Love it! Looking forward to getting assistance on many issues!

Anyone from Hampshire area?


Hi and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses: Good choice that’s my favourite colour :+1:

A lot of those can be easy fixes that have been covered many times on the forum


Welcome aboard mate nice looking motor,get yourself full membership to open up all the tecnical sections to you ,best 20 quid you will ever spend as a gto owner.


Welcome aboard. Had seen this one on Autotrader for a while, glad someone finally took the plunge.

I’m sure it’ll become a project car to fill the time, then a love affair once you’ve owned it for some time.

Not from Hampshire myself but I’m in the same boat as you - just bought a 1991 twin turbo myself and plan to lay it up while I sort out various issues and fixes. I’ll be following your progress with interest - have you considered a build thread on here?



Started the right way, as Craig says most things are cosmetic. Do the cam belt immediately, see @GSXRKID, Rob from Evil Empire. The kit is worth the money. Do NOT scrimp when obtaining parts for these cars as they always come back and bite you in the 'arris.

As Scott says, the best 20 sqiudlies you’ll ever spend.

Terry :sunglasses:

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Forgot to say, Manual twin turbo model. Wanted one for years!

Thanks for the welcome, there will be a build thread soon as I get the belt and clutch sorted, scared to drive it at the moment!
Don’t think the missus will be happy with the money that’s going to be spent on it! It’s a beautiful car that puts a grin on my face when I walk outside! Few paint marks over the front but the colour is still near perfect!

One quick question though, do these cars have central locking?, need to update the immobiliser system, so want to with a full central lock system


I’m sure someone will be along to correct me, but if yours is anything like mine the central locking is present but only activated/deactivated via the driver’s side door lock.

If you’re in Hampshire, you might also want to familiarise yourself with Eurospec in Guildford; well respected GTO specialists and highly recommended on here.

First things first, you’ll need a good Cat1 alarm system, insurers ask for this. Lee is quite right about the central door locking, works from the drivers front lock.

There is another post from another new member where the cam belt change is covered.

Terry :sunglasses:


Welcome to the club - saw this one up for sale. I’m on the hants / Wiltshire border just north of andover. As others have said don’t cut corners when it comes to the timing belt rob at EE will sort you out.


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Welcome aboard mate,
Nice car there you have

Welcome along, all your problems can probably be answered via searching the forum, once you become a full member there are 1000s of technical threads that you can Look at for help.
Looking forward too seeing more pictures :+1:

Welcome to Blue GTOUK :grin:


Welcome to GTOUK. That looks a gorgeous car, well done buying it. The faults, or overdue maintenance you have to contend with are all the standard achilles heels of these cars, and are all quite fixable. You will need some patience carrying out some of the fixes, but otherwise this car will give you some great times.
I reckon the worst job I’ve tackled on your list, believe it or not, is replacing the front defogger air vents correctly.
Good luck with your new toy, and have fun.


Welcome to the club, l have been watching this one as well, watching what’s for sale all the time.
Done an aero delete and replaced with sr/mr plastics underneath the front, or you could fix up the existing plastic. (Sr/mr are reduced spec models of na and tt cars, no aero, no ecs, no rear steer, abs and other stuff as well as sold by mitsubishi)
Deleted the aero ecu which deactivated the rear spoiler, you could do a rear steer delete, though not sure how easy without dropping the sub frame, others will know.
I can do items like fuel tanks and intercoolers also look at the rear floor, under the aerial, and rear of the sills.
I do a back crash bar mod, take of the front bumper cover as well, etc, do a lot of refurbishing generally so any questions please ask.
Good looking car you have there at a decent price and good luck with your build (it soon becomes that lol). Here is the place to be to keep you right.

She sure is a looker! Pictures look better than the car does though, lots of niggles in paint, which is probably why they took the pictures from far away!! I’m a HGV/Bus tech, so lots of connections in the trade, so it shouldn’t be to hard, to bring it up together.

Most of the main bits will be removed, I’ll start a build thread once the belt is done and I can drive it safely, anything I take off, I’ll put on forum that people can take for free, one mans junk is another mans treasure!

Itching to get started, but bank holiday weekend, every where is closed!

Again, thanks for the welcome, will be an experience getting this baby fixed up!
Jerry - I’m sure I’ll be in contact!

One question though, I’ve read about the crank bearings failing alot on these earlier models, is it worth replacing the bigend bearings, shells and thrust washers as a preventive measure, or would I be wasting money?

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The Crankshaft bearings only fail if they car has been run on crap oil or has been trashed to death

Get a list of wants together and give me a call


Cheers Rob

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Welcome to the nut house! Lovely looking car. Hopefully you can bring her back to her former glory.

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Also check your oil sump pan, there is a bowl shaped moulding on the bottom, if it is dented (as in pushed in) that would cause an issue with oil pick up especially at higher revs.


Ok so…

Been playing, sorted ignition out, many parts ordered to renew the interior issues.

Rob - I will be in contact shortly, got to watch the funds until pay day!

Just found out I have no rear fog light, the button just turns on the side lights…Fresh 12 month mot, many Mot’s in history.

Thinking to rewire, turn a reverse light into a fog light…What have any of you lot done with a import rear fog? Want a clean job.

Loads of how to’s in the tecnical sections on fog light mods mate

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