New owner 3000gt

new 3000GT owner
Had one many years ago, just decided To buy another
Needs a bit of work, hopefully get it on the road soon
Will try to get some picture up soon


Hi John

Welcome to GTOUK. Look forward to seeing the pictures


Craig :sunglasses:

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Pictures are a must if you don’t want the baying crowd after you :joy:
Where abouts in the country are you?

Terry :sunglasses:

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Welcome John,

Think Craig and Terry have summed up nicely the first day on here, pics and location :joy:.

Hope you enjoy the forum we have loads of helpful technical information when you join as a full member.

Tracie :frog:

Hi John,

Welcome to GTOUK as above get some pics up.


will try get some pics up

Welcome aboard mate,once youve had jap you never go back…not for long anyway

Hi John
Welcome to the club.
Pics pics pics.
That’s all you will hear untill we see some :grin:

Welcome John hopefully we’ll see You as full member soon. will be big help if You have to work on the car and You may need technical information, where about in the country are you btw :+1:

I’m in Leek, Staffordshire Moorlands.
Will eventually join, I’m sure

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welcome john
get some pics up

welcome aboard john


Hey, leek is pretty close to me, I’m in Ashbourne

Welcome along😎
Jerry :grinning:

Good to see another new member, welcome to the club.

Thanks for the replies

Hi there

I cant see no pictures yet :slight_smile:

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I’m away till sat, so away from my computer, and it’s a absolute pain on my mobile, so it’s not going to be till then, if you still have the wheels will message you Sunday morning,

Ok John

Im sure they will still be here , but ive had another guy ask about them

thats all , cheers John

Well it’s up to you,I will definitely collect them Sunday, if you want to back out it up to you