New owner; a lot of questions

Hello fellow GTO owners,

I’ve just bought myself a very cheap, high mileage (160k) TT MK1 GTO and being new to whole thing a have a lot of questions.

  1. The gear box/clutch is pretty messed up, the clutch has a lot of play at the top and it feels like it is grinding a little bit. Also when changing to 3rd it grinds as it’s going in every time. There is no clutch slip and each gear can be selected no problem so I’m at a loss at what the problem could be (maybe slave/master cylinders?)
  2. There’s a lot of electrical problems which I’m confident I can get fixed because my dad is a electronic engineer. However, the list is quite long, rear side light, front fog, cruise control (I think), speedo, active aero and the climate control screen. Like I said I think I can fix these but if anyone has any advice that’d be great.
  3. Starting the car…it takes a long time to start almost every time, hot and cold starts. The battery is fine. It takes a lot of cranks to start and sometimes after finally starting the idle sits very low and if anything electrical is used when it’s idling low it just cuts out. I suspect the fuel pump but again I’m not sure.
  4. Power? This is my first turbo car so the whole driving sensation and power delivery is new to me. The car pulls very well in lower revs with boost built but it feels like it doesn’t pull as hard above 4/5k revs. Again I think this may be attributed to the fuel pump but I’m not sure.

Those are the problems but I’m also looking for a garage that knows GTOs (specialist) in the North of England, just so I can get it checked out there and also have somewhere I can take it to tackle larger jobs.

I appreciate any help about any of my problems and I look forward to being part of the GTO community!

Pic of my car for attention


Hi @jamie3

Welcome to the club.
Lovely looking mk1 you have there.
The first thing I would say is be very careful. If you think you have fueling issues you should be logging the car. If you are running lean you could cause serious damage to the engine.
Is the car standard?
These cars can have a lot of electrical gremlins, alot of which are easily diagnosed and fixed with the use of our technical section and help from knowledgeable members.
The clutch on these cars needs to be adjusted properly, but they also can suffer from gearbox issues, along with the usual possible master/or slave failure.
Starting issue again could be a number of things, including ageing fuel pump or wrongly fitted aftermarket.
Cruise control could be an easy fix due to the end of the cruise vac pipe being perished.
Again if you have aftermarket steering wheel the second control for the system may have been removed.
Idle issues could be down to stepper motor or idle screw. Again there is a procedure to set all this correctly. Some times these parts can be cleaned rather than replaced.
Active aero could need new micro switches or some of the system could need greasing up again there are how to’s in the tech section for this.

All the issues you have are in the vast tech section, this is opened up when you purchase full membership in the club shop, this also opens up other categories and membership perks, like club stand display areas at events and reduced cost insurance with some companies.

Tbh the list of issues you have with the car doesn’t seem too bad and I’m sure most of them are things you could tackle yourself with advice from members and info available on the forum.
We are a friendly bunch and a very active meet car club if your into shows and events.



Hi Jensen,

Thanks for the help! I’ll definetly have to consider buying a membership; seems very useful. I am also very interested in meets etc.

Just wondering in terms of parts etc. Where would be the best place to source both OEM and aftermarket parts?

Thanks again,

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Welcome to the club, good luck with your car, nice colour, lots of good advice from Jensen and membership, best money on your car you can spend is membership on here.

Welcome to GTOUK Jamie , be patient with it !

Welcome, im a new owner myself and did see this up for sale both times, looks like a lovely car.

Parts you can get from evil empire (rob), great guy helped me out loads so far.

Good luck with your car

Welcome to the club Jamie, like the colour of your car. Hopefully see you on some of the meets throughout the year.

Terry :sunglasses:

welcom Jamie wery nice color
don’t worry this lovle cars were very technically advanced for thet time but they are very easy to work on
with some experience help you will have it running properly in no time
regards Michal