New owner GTO MR

Hello everybody!

I have recently imported a 1995 MR version of the GTO. This arrived fresh from Japan in April and I have taken my time to get it registered and have an extensive service done. Super excited to have joined the club and look forward to meeting you all soon!



Welcome along mate,lovely car but iam bias

Welcome to the club, lovely rear end :dizzy_face:
Great to have you onboard, lots of meets to get to throughout the year new members especially welcome.

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Welcome Umar, you did it right, not digging at people here, my disclaimer heh heh but you got the pics up as well. Nice looking car, any questions, ask away, some will have good answers, some joke etc. :wink: and great meets.

Where in the country are you?

Terry :sunglasses:

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Welcome to the club :grinning:


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Welcome Umar,

How did you know the guys would bug you for pics if you didn’t post one first time :joy:

Looking nice hope to see you and you new pride and joy at a meet sometime soon.

Tracie :frog:

Welcome to GTOUK rear end looks good :+1:

Welcome on board Umar, great looking car, MR is a good choice. Looks like someone has done a bit to that motor with mk3 spoiler and mk 4 rear garnish, reckon you have a good one there.

welcome to the club lovely looking car
any questions problems you will fine the answers on here

Welcome to the nut house. Well done for getting a picture up straight away but we need more please!!!


Thank you. Look forward to it!

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Awesome thanks. I’m in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

Cheers bud

Haha I guess I had a sneaky look at the forum before I posted :wink:

Look forward to the meets too! Thank you

Thanks mate

Thanks mate. Yep it’s had some nice little touches :blush:

Thanks mate, look forward to getting some expert advice

Haha thanks. I’ll get some more up very soon!

Thank you, MR buddy!

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Why not get to JAE next weekend?

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