New owner of a twin turbo and an NA


It is just £20.91 worth its weight in gold tbh


Yea matell my white one was there aswell ewan is on ■■■■■ he’s building a single turbo one just now lol stays up Aberdeen


Nice, is your white on in he pictures? The white one with he reg starting DKZ is the one I have now. I’m not that far from Aberdeen, near Dundee so the car hasn’t gone far! I might sign up ■■■■■, are there any specs listed there for his old car?


Hi posts go back to 2005 was a very active member here, ive checked for you.


Add him on Facebook mate ewan Hendry mine was a white auto but dunno what pic u saw as I changed it to a red tt mk2 been up a few times back in the day with the gto guys up there


DavePerkins Thank you :slight_smile: I think I will subscribe later tonight I think.

sco1gto I will see if I can find info on the car first before I add him, he might not be happy about me sending him requests since I don’t know him. Reading his current thread on ■■■■■ though


Another one for the Scottish Empire, hey James You’ve got PM :grinning: