New owner of a twin turbo and an NA


Hello I have recently become a new owner of a twin turbo GTO and an NA GTO. I have signed up to gain a bit of knowledge about these cars and also see if anyone recognises the twin turbo, it looks as though it has been very loved by someone at some point.


Welcome along nice car, love a white mk1 :heart:


Good to see You in GTOUK nice car :+1:


Welcome to the only gto car club worth being in,nice looking mk1


Welcome to the club





Thanks for the welcomes :slight_smile: The picture posted is what the car looked like 3 years ago and was taken by the previous owner, its been sat for a while since the photo was taken so its looking a bit sorry for itself. My intention is to check it over find out what it needs and get it back on the road. It still starts and drives fine, needs an exhaust as the current exhaust has disintegrated. I am hoping someone from here knows the car. There is a GTOUK keyring on the key which is how I arrived here. The car has also been modified, it has boost controller, after market air filter and an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator. There are probably more modifications that I am not aware of. So it would be good to find out what has been done to it.


If it was a GTOUK car someone will remember !


Nice car, love the mk1. My 1st was a 1992.


Welcome, nice looking car. probably one of the older members will know it, they’re usually about in the evenings so give it a couple of hours and someone will come along with an answer for you.


Very nice m8


Hi and welcome to GTOUK , don’t recognise it but we used to send the key ring and stickers out to full members back in the day , possibly never frequented the forum that much


Any key rings going lol


looks like ewans old car ?


I’m sure if you contact @DavePerkins or @stevie or @Tracie there will be some to purchase

Craig :grinning:


Maybe the owner who did the work didn’t post much, I think the last few owners haven’t done much work to it. There is some paperwork so I will go through it and see what’s there. I also found a CD with a workshop manual on it, I’m guessing it might have come from here before the USB sticks were used.


welcomw aboard good luck wuth the cars, it’s a great place to be.


Looks like you are right! I had a search an found this thread: Scottish Meet - Duthie Park Aberdeen the twin turbo I have is photographed at this meet. A few pictures are posted by username Chooch with Ewan in the signature. I haven’t found a spec list yet though, I will Keep looking :slight_smile:


Unfortunately you can only search a small part of GTOUK untill you become a full member, the club goes back online to 2003 so it’s probably there now you have found the owner his history of posts goes back to 2005.


That makes sense! I did think I wasn’t seeing the full site. I will look into full membership. The technical articles will be a big help anyway even if I don’t find more info on the car. I know nothing about these cars so it will be a steep learning curve, I just got the chance to save one and couldn’t turn it down.