New owner of an import

Hiya all

bought a GTO n/a just over a year ago, with a known bottom end knock, stripped it down to find the crank was out of tolerance and i subsequently sat on the project for the last year while i decided what route and focused on my other projects (capri zetec turbo!).

Ive now ordered a used cast crank from a chap so ill begin the engine rebuild soon with hopes it actually lasts a few years before wanting a forged item

no doubt joining because ill end up needing help with some of the vacuum lines or the wiring as i put the car back together, ive likely forgotten certain areas since taking it apart a year ago

Anyway here it is, excuse the stupid crayon paint, not sure what the guy who did it was thinking at the time

looking forward to having a mingle and read through, maybe even integrate with the club more,

these have been a dream car of mine since i was 10 playing gran turismo (2nd licence test etc) so it really is a joy to own one

Cheers Jon


Hi @jonathan1 Jon,

Welcome to the club :+1:

Hopefully you will enjoy the car and find the club great fun.

Of course if you do decide on full membership then we have a good few car meetings and events that we organise through the year.


Welcome to GTOUK !

Welcome to this great Club. I do hope you’ll become a full member soon. For £20 or so you won’t regret it.
Perfect colour of course…well done, and good luck with the engine rebuild.


Welcome Jon, as Mike said above, can’t get better than that.

Terry :sunglasses: