New owner - UK 3000GT - sorry lots of pics


Apologies my first post for a long time and thank you for having me on the forum.

So I recently purchased a UK 3000GT during lockdown - N426PUS. I joined this site some 4 years ago after initially looking at 3000GTs but I ended up buying a UK Supra instead and went on to buy other UK Jap cars.

I’d always wanted a 3000GT and took a gamble on this car with 76k miles but no service history and not able to view but priced low enough to be worth it.

So it arrived in late April and initial impressions were good. I’ve had a few 90s jap cars so would like to think I know a good one from a bad one and this was certainly unmolested. It started ok with no warning lights although loud lifter ticks. I like my cars original and no redundant switches.

In summary main issues / work I’ve achieved on my own:

  1. Headlight washers not working / managed to take off front bumper and get pump refurbished and back to normal operation
  2. Front windscreen washers poor / managed to source OEM replacements nozzles and all sorted
  3. Glass sunroof not sitting flush / bough new OEM hinges and sorted. Also sourced a new sunshade
  4. Front speakers crackling / replaced
  5. Boot lock not working with key / used online videos (excellent resource) to disassemble and clean it and working fine
  6. New Stereo fitted
  7. Active aero rear spoiler not working / micro switches replaced
  8. Replaced various bulbs including dash for ECS tour light
  9. New professionally installed CAT 1 alarm
  10. Replaced horrible random gearshift gaitor and nob with OEM items
  11. Mini detail including paint correction

So, given it had no service history although a lot of Mitsubishi service stickers in the ashtray dating back to 2001 etc made me think it might have had an oil change in the last 20 years, I contacted my local Mitsubishi dealer who had the car in for 6 weeks and did the following work:

  • full service including plugs, fuel filter, brake fluid, coolant, all fluids
  • sorted air con with new condensor - ice cold now
  • new front brake pads and discs
  • new front exhaust pipe
  • replaces transfer box bearings / shaft and sleeve
  • new clutch and gearbox seals.
  • cambelt / water pump replaced
  • lifters replaced for dreaded lifter tick
  • oil cooler and pipes replaced
  • new camshaft pulley and belts

As you can imagine not cheap but at least I know she is mechanically sound. Most parts OEM where possible, Rob at Evil Empire also helped out.

So she is now a good car. The MOT last year stated none critical corrosion although the underneath looks good apart from some surface rust
Plans? Well two minds. Life for all of us has changed a lot over the last few months. I might actually move her on given how mechanically sorted she is and I have other projects on the go but not for profit. I’d like to see someone else enjoy such an original car. Equally I might keep her. Someone once said to me, the correct number of cars (n) is current (n) plus 1 and I think they are right! Anyway, hope you enjoy some pics.


Does look to be kn good order

Rob at evilempire perfomance can supply you with all you need. He only deals in top quality parts

Lovely car and big list of work in a short time, well done.
Which Supra did ,or do, you have and how do you think it compares to the 3000gt?

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Original wheels is nice to see

Wow , that’s a rare car now.

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