New payment system

(Steve Parkin) #1

Since tasking over from Rocklevel there has been a constant recurring issue with membership, So we are installing a system called Memberful… This system comes with the highest level of security, it’s instant and also when new Members come along and join as Full Members then this system will automatically add them to the Forum. This system is also compliant with the new GPDR regulations.

Behind the scenes has been a constant nightmare, trying to sort new Member issues, the Forum needs to clear out a lot of what came over from Rocklevel as this was bespoke to them and certain things were not allowed over.

Saying this we are in good shape Club wise, Members steadily increasing better than this stage last year.

Rest assured we are in good hands with our current hosts.


(Jerry Castle) #2

Sounds good Steve, once everything is sorted it will be smmoth as silk, its really good that existing member wise very little hiccups, none at all from my pov.
l think you have done really well with the forum etc lots of respect.

(Steve Parkin) #3

All Ive done is is set out to do what is needed for the cflub, I cannot take any credit without the help given from the rest of the committee, but most of all, credit must go to @skl undertaking such a mammoth task with like you say minimal disruption.