New Server and Lost Posts

We have moved the site to a temporay server, until we get a perminent one sorted next week.

There are currently some areas not working, gallery, banners & shop.

I will be working on these slowly but I think I have done plenty today.

Oh and not sure if it send emails out yet.

Also we had to restore from a backup I made on Sunday at about 5am, so we lost another 8 hours of posts on Sunday morning and anything posted on the slow ■■■■ server we were put on.


hi mate, not sure if its just me but view new posts doesnt work for me

i also went to gtouk chat and got this message

As you are not a full member you only get access to
live chat for 4 weeks from join date.

You have been a member for 292 weeks

Please sign up as a full member to re-gain access to this facility

thanks for your help.

same problems as i have. the “new posts since last visit” shows up with no results :?

Can you try clearing your cache and cookies.


Tryed this.

i also need to log in every time i visit the site after turning on the computer. :?

the “view new posts” link doesnt work when i first log in, but if i have had the forum open in a window for a while and i click “view new posts” it shows up posts since i logged in. :?

hope my computer not playing up, i only had it 3 months!

Hmm your the first that told me that they actually done it.

Try downloading and running that, it clears out loads of crap.


dont work on mine :frowning:

Since the site has moved server again mine has been fine. all problems dissapeared!

Thanks anyway Mr Toad!


Oh and not sure if it send emails out yet.


Mark if you remember I was having problems with e mails a couple of weeks back…
don’t know what you did but a couple of days ago I started getting e mails telling me I have a pm again…
but today I received a pm but with no e mail again… just thought I’d tell you :wink: