New to gto uk

Hi Everyone I’m Dale nice to meet you all. I’ve finally joined after over a decade of owning gto’s, thanks to Jerry at the Classic car show at the Birmingham NEC.
Some of you will already know me but for those who don’t I have two tt gto’s one of which is extensively modified and hopefully making some good hp!

here is a pic of the old beast



Post more details on the car in the build section

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Hi are they latitude fixed headlights?

Hi Jerry
Yes I bought them many years ago directly from Latitude 42 (I think that’s the company name) they were really helpful and sent uk spec lights.
I’m not sure if they make them anymore.

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Hi mate yes they are latitude 42( couldnt remember the 42 lol)
Unfortunately they are not in business anymore there was rumors they are coming back but never happened.

I love them lights if you ever decide to sell im your buyer lol.
I do have a set of the opened ones without the cover.


I don’t have any plans to sell them but I’ll let you know if I do.
I had a look at your car and it looks really nice, I think even the lights without the cover are impossible to buy now.

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Welcome to the club @dale3, car looks nice.

Terry :sunglasses:

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Hi Dale
Good to see you on board.

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Hi and welcome to the forum, love your ride

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Hi Nelly

Thanks, I like your car, I have a black gto as well :grinning:


Thank you buddy she is laid up for a while, but hope to get back at here soon

Hi I’ve managed to acquire some housings without the lights from the USA costed an arm and a leg .but finally I can have the car how I wanted to be.
Can I ask if your lights have integrated side lights?
And if you got any part numbers for the Hella lights you have would be great.