New to the forum

Hi im Matt I’m new to the forum, I’m from mansfield nottinghamshire.

Hi Mat good to see you on here , Welcome to GTOUK


Craig :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome.

Best list some bits and bobs done to the old girl.

Engine/performance mods:

stock 4bolt engine
13G turbos
FMIC (new duel core kit on the way, should be here tomorrow actually)
Fabbage 3" single shot exhaust system
RC550cc injectors
Walbro 255 pump
E-boost boost controller
D-2 coilovers

391bhp 427ftlb


Bucket seats (soon to be re-furbed)
various gauges, boost, water temp, voltage and wideband


Custom bonnet
Custom arches
Custom ducktail
Wheelmania carbon monaco 19" 10.5j rear and 9j front
Three tone paint job

May have missed a few bits, i’ll add as i remember.


Welcome to GTOUK, you have done a lot of work to this car, I always like unique cars and this one looks great. :slight_smile:


Hi mat great to see your here aswell as on FB!! Also very glad you decided not to sell her after all your hard work!

Welcome to GTOUK,

I particularly like the duck tail mod :smiley:


Welcome to the club,
Very nice looking car, a proper one off.

New intercooler installed next is to get the new tyres on and the alignment done and then its off to the dyne once again.

Who do I get hold to pay for full membership via PAYPAL, I made my cheque book redundant YEARS ago (I’ve not got one)

Send Craig (CDMH) a message and he will sort you out with the paypal details.


PM sent Mat


Craig :slight_smile: