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Hi !

I recently bought a 1992 Mitsubishi GTO Japanese importUploading… Uploading… Uploading… which had been standing for 18 months with a suspect headgasket gone. Anyway, long story short, the head gasket wasn’t gone and it was just a case of a small blockage on the coolant system, with it being sat for 18months there was a lot of rust on the brakes and surface rust underneath, the body was surprisingly clean

Once it was at my friends house he done some digging and realised that it is a VR4 which is an added bonus as I thought that it was just the 3.0 TT, done most of the work which needed to be done for it to be back on the road and I am hoping to get it motd next weekend, can’t wait to be driving it on the road and see what she is like! Will have to put some photos up later as they won’t upload for some reason

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Sounds like a nice little project you have , unless it’s an American car then it will be a TT , only the US designated them VR4


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Could you shed some more light onto that ? As I’m sure it is the VR4 300bhp version. Thanks !

Welcome to the forum reece, if you don’t put pictures up the rest of the baying hounds will be after you :grin: :grin:

If you do it as a project start a thread with what you are doing, everyone will be there to help and guide you along the way.

Check the cam belt as an urgency as if you don’t know when it was done it could fail with disastrous results. :confounded:

As Craig said the Vr4 was an American car, a JDM is an import and the 3000GT is the British equivalent

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I will defiantly get some photos up later on ! Will get on the laptop and put some up and I’ll make a project thread up when I get home :slight_smile:

I was going to get round to doing he belt at some point in the near future as I want to swap out the water pump, how quick/easy is it to check the belt ? Haven’t had a proper look yet but can you get the cover off without taking any hoses which are in the way off ?

Ah I see so mine is a JDM then, is there any way of deciphering what bhp mine is ? As from the (wrong) reasearch that I done I was lead to believe that it was the 300bhp one, but not too sure now as I was looking to see if it was a VR4 or not.

So to clarify only the American GTO’s were VR4’s ?

Yes, US ones were 3000GT VR4, uk is just 3000gt.

The GTO is the japanese one and has 280bhp I believe

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So there was only a 280bhp version for the Japanese models ?

Yes, if it is a GTO TT it will be 280. UK and US ones had bigger turbos and had 320

You could always put it on a dyno, but these things can be heart breakers, a guesstimation, as there was a gentleman’s agreement in Japan when these and a few other marques came out that they wouldn’t get into a bhp war with each other. It is approx. 280 but it is a heavy car, it will push you along rapid but is more for cruising. Then again you can have a lot of fun with them :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Hi and welcome,ive had 2 gto imports now and on my third mk2,both previous cars were dynoed and came up with standard figures of both over 280bhp so they seem to gain hp as standard,i think the 280 figure is very conservative tbh

Great thanks, was there not a 300bhp model on the mk1’s ? And then it was stepped up to 320bhp on the mk2 and 3’s ?

Its all figures, just go with the flow and if you want to upgrade your motor after a while there is loads of info to do just that.

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welcome mate . no info u are reading is wrong as said above gto came with 280 from japan and 3000gt uk spec 320 with the larger turbos . it will prob run under 280 if in standard form as its an old car lol .

How come my mk1 from ron was dynoed at 291 standard before any mods were added? and 323 after ebc,air filter and different exhaust added?

just different dynos mate they are all funny with figures the best one ive had my car on is the dyno dynamics most accurate.

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It was done at eurospec in april 2006

Welcome along, watch this lot they like a bit of banter :wink:
Its not a stealth is it? :joy:
Seriously welcome to the club and PICTURES!!!


Welcome along fella.
Can see you’ve tried to upload pics in your first post (just needed to wait a bit longer on your upload … The text will change from “uploading” to “something like this <img src=”/uploads/default/original/3X/d/8/d8e36e38e5fb73c17dd9428ccb3af90b70aea4bc.jpg" width=“375” height="500>

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Welcome on board, you will soon get the drift on all the specs and versions, great community to be a part of!

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