New to this

Hi all I’m new here looking for help with my 91 gto
Don’t know where to start

Hi and Welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses: What’s wrong ? Ask away and we will try and help :slight_smile:

Craig :slight_smile:

Well the gearbox wasn’t changing properly so took car for tune guy plugged into computer done whatever car drove fantastic then it stopped lost drive completely changed oil and filter in gearbox and nothing BUT while waiting for filter and gasket my partner had idea to pressure wash under car… Since then we bought another gearbox and still wouldn’t drive so got another box n car drove a few miles and stopped now it won’t drive only reverse the first box bought was right for car the second box had to have wires changed… Don’t know where to go next can’t get car off drive
Any help will be appreciated not giving up on car yet

Automatic or manual , autos are notorious for faults , oil and filter changes are a must on them , Marty k has had some experience of them as has alangto unfortunately he isn’t on here anymore but still has a lot of his posts in the tech section , Eurospec are worth contacting tbh regarding gearbox issues

Craig :slight_smile:

Wow sounds like your having issues :frowning: sorry stating the obvious.
Where in the country are you? As Craig said auto boxes are troublesome and replacing them with a secondhand unproven one might just be reintroducing he same problem .
As Craig said again give Eurospec a shout. They are in Guildford Surrey if that’s anywhere near you?

I’m in Swansea Wales… N sadly it is automatic box we took it to spacialist they made it worst does ecu on box have to be changed also… There r only half gear lights on dash

If you haven’t got all gears its quite possible its in limp mode , I think you get 1st and 3rd , sign of a dodgy box is it also banging into reverse, best bet I would say I ring Eurospec and talk to ben he may be able to advise you of anyone closer or give you options


Ah reverse banging :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I had that

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Welcome aboard :+1: like they say but no help autos are problematic due to abuse often driven like an idiot to get more acceleration using 1-2 (guilty as charged)
Sorry but became turbo converted so can’t help

It would be worth trying the gearbox computer. If you know someone near you with a similar car then swap them over and see if the fault moves with the ECU. They are notorious for leaking capacitors which could cause the symptoms you’re having.

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Rung eurosspec and they confirmed what I thought box that’s in it now has to be replaced with proper one with matching number then change transmission ecu

Hi all solved problem today n bought another gto n it’s 100 times nicer than old one made it the 135 miles home


Lol I like your thinking!! … Just a quick 1… U didn’t get another crappy auto did ya? :confused:

Um ooppps funny u should say that yes I did but it is lovely and box been done really smooth n car was soo cheap I think lol