New Year clear out!

DNX7240BT head unit. Almost top of the range (only the 9000 series was better). I used it for about a year before my car went off the road, so it’s in excellent condition. There’s one on eBay for £300 with no ancillaries. Mine has all the wiring looms supplied with the original unit, plus GPS aerial, microphone and remote control. Also the plastic surround. In addition, I installed (with a lot of messing around to get the adjustment right) Mitsubishi double-din brackets. So in theory you just drop it in. I also can supply all the electronic PDF manuals (including the installation one that has the wiring diagram). £245 delivered. MOVING TO EBAY

Battery tie-down for an Odyssey PC925 battery, which I imported from USA. As you can see from the pictures, it’s not new, but the top – which is the bit you see in the engine bay – still comes up with a nice shine. I bolted it to the battery tray, and that is why you can see holes in the base (if I can find my nuts and bolts, I’ll send those too). £45 delivered. (If you are interested in the battery, you can have that too for an extra £25 delivered. However, note that it is over five years old. Although I have always kept it on a trickle charger and it seems to hold a charge, there can’t be much life left in it). SOLD

K&N air filter RF-1008. Flange Inside Diameter 4.5 in (114 mm); Flange Length 0.625 in (16 mm); Height 8.375 in (213 mm); Base Outside Diameter 5.875 in (149 mm); Top Outside Diameter 4.5 in (114 mm). It’s new, except that I opened it to oil it. Also includes the remaining oil, and a new bottle of filter cleaner. £45 delivered. SOLD

Poly anti-roll bar bushes. New. I opened the packet to check the size – they’re 23 mm. £10 delivered. MOVING TO EBAY

Front and back engine mounts (the side ones in the photo are already sold). Used, but in good condition. £25 each delivered.

PTU. Used, and was working fine when on my car. £15 delivered. SOLD