New you tube video

Hi all I deleted the previous youtube videos on my engine build and just made some new ones for all the members. Please excuse my narration, grammar and pronunciations, I need more practice in making good videos and hope these ones are not that boring.


Great work.
Your engine looks amazing.
Be good to see a video on the wet blaster and set up if you do one.
Also cerakote looks great. Will be looking at that product/application ect.

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Much appreciated, shall make some better videos, definitely need a lot of practice.

Hi Blue, is it the video you posted or have you deleted it and can only be found on YT? The reason I ask is the video says its unavailable.


Terry :sunglasses:

Hi i am remaking the video, previous one was a bit too long and I failed to mention important facts of the build, trying to get everything in one short video, I shall post the video link after it is done.

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Sorry I sent you the wrong link these are the correct ones:

Hi here are the links for the wet blaster/vapor honing

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