New Zealand GTO TT 6 Speed

I bought a run down scrap heap challenge of a GTO and i have managed to get it running.


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The newbie section is really about introducing yourself, people love to see pictures of your car/ project. The club has detailed technical sections where I’m certain this issue has been covered. To view this you would need to become a full member @ £20.91 a year but if your working on a car it is well worth it as we have vast amounts of knowledge among our members.



What ECU have you changed to and why? What made you think that was the way to go? Changing the wiring and ECU is not a small job, what was the reasoning behind that?.

This is in the Newbie section, the idea here is to introduce yourself, say an approximate location and some pics of the car. There is an enormous resource available in the technical section and for 20 quid, no I don’t work for GTOUK, joining gets you far more information than you could shake a stick at.

Welcome along by the way, the best club on the planet.

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Well I might just have to that then if all else fails. I changed the ECU because my car is a 1997 gen 2 car. The engine seems to be gen 2 but it looks like someone had put gen 1 gear on it to get it running. So I rightly when about removing all the old stuff and ensuring it had the proper ECU and loom for the car.

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Nice, it wasn’t a dig at you bud, just wanted a bit more history as to why you did what you did so I/we can better understand your problem.

C’mon, put some pics up!!!

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Become a full member it will be the best money you ever spend mate and as above get some pics up :+1:t2:

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