hi i am 23 and am paying 2300 with 500 exess and no no-claims . on gto no turbo but was same price with turbo

i had a 96 none turbo at 22 cost £1600

3 ync though

i’m 22 and looking at the moment for my renewal in march, takes so long, 5 yrs no claims and 3 points

I’m 34 with 2 years ncb and 3 points and paid over £1000 for my NA last year with Adrian Flux. Spoke to Sky insurance for an estimate (see traders section) and they came in at just over £800.

A friend of mines insurance actually went down when he swapped his NA for TT!!

Good luck


Insurance renewal with SKY
No mods
Street parking
SP50 3 points
9+ NCB protection
Courtesy car
Windscreen cover
£ 250 Ecxess
Age 47
Glasgow G41
Paid £ 380 (Installments)